Fall is here…. Welcome beautiful good weather, it’s technically cold here and many of my friends might disagree about the good weather part….but it is beautiful. and I like the weather a little cooler ( Summers are definitely not a personal favorite)

Fall…the time when a pleasant not so harsh sun greets you every morning, the cool breeze, whisking through the branches , brushing the dominantly orange and yellow leaves, out of which some lucky ones get to enjoy the breeze while the others fall  down or fly high carried away by the breeze….away from their comfort zone onto the pavement, the road ahead,  into an unknown place where they wait to perish and go back to where they belong….

 I love to see  this beautiful show that nature puts up every fall, but the more I enjoy it the more I wonder, isn’t it like taking pleasure in other’s pain? Most of my friends here love to see those leaves turn yellow, but for the leaves it means the end, they detach from their parents and leave home forever….Leaving leaves…..however I sometimes feel  the breeze still keeps them alive, moving them from  the lawn to the backyard, making them topple, twist  and turn as they move through the air. My favorite are the ones that fall on the road, the vehicles push them to either side of the road, it then  seems like the leaves have brain of their own , that they can think and save themselves from being crushed under one of the motor vehicles….i find that really fascinating…..

 I love clicking pictures too..and somehow the falling leaves , the gentle breeze , and the yellow arcs along the roads, make things so picture perfect, just like they have just been copy pasted  from a romantic song/scene  of a Bollywood movie…the scenes/songs that I love to watch over and over again.

One other thing I love is the crunching sound when walking on the dry leaves, the really dry ones that are no longer the rich hue but almost a russet or brown colour. I don’t know what makes me happy but there is something about it …that I keep doing it year after year…..whenever I walk on a road I choose the side that has more leaves and the drier ones. It makes my walk look funny….but who Cares!!!

I really want Fall to stay, stay forever, I am so reluctant to change the calendar month from sunny beautiful October to chilly November ….if only me not changing the calendar or for that matter holding the hands of the clock could stop time….but I cannot even do the latter….my digital clock does not have hands anyway …and as they say…”Variety is the Spice of Life”…😀 May be if fall stayed forever it would not be as beautiful as it is ..

So here I am , enjoying the sun, the colours, the season, the moment ….and waiting for a hopefully amazing Winter ahead…