Imagine – by John Lennon

Imagine there’s no heaven,It’s easy if you try

No hell below us , Above us only sky.

Imagine all the people , Living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries , It isn’t hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for,And no religion too.

Imagine all the people living in peace….

Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can

No need for greed or hunger , A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people, Sharing all the world…

You may say I am a dreamer , But  I am not only one

I hope someday you will join us , And the world will be as one.

I read this from a poster at a friend’s place and loved it so much that I had to record it somewhere, such simple words expressing such profound thoughts…simply amazing…and I hope so too, that someday everyone will join us , and the world and all the people in it will live as one …

Oh I later found out that John Lennon is a member of the famous Beatles band and that this is one of their songs. ( I do not listen to English music much , but this song inspired me so much , I think I will give it  a try. Visitors/Readers if any…do you have  other good/such  song  suggestions ? )



Ek din fursat mein – Zindagi Rocks ( Lyrics and Meaning)

( Awesome lyrics and beautifully sung ….SONG)

Ek din fursat mein , thaame haath hamare , le gayi us dagar pe , jahan rehti hai baharein

One day life leisurely held my hand , and took me to the road where  spring ( happiness)  resides

Chal diye hum bhi ghar se , hoke kuch befikar se ,Dil tha apne bharose , hum the dil ke sahare

I also left home  with life , without any worries , my heart trusted me , and I trusted my heart

Raah mein mod aaya , roshni ho gayi kam,Kuch dil ghabraya , ki kahan aa gaye hum 

And then there came a turn on that road , when the lights became dim , and its then that my heart got scared , wondering which place is this.

Aage us mod ke bhi , to baharein nahi thi ,Bhooli kuch khwahishein aur khwaab de bas hamare

And even after that turn , I could not find spring anymore , All the road had was some forgotten desires and my dreams

Ek din fursat mein …..

Bewajah lag rahi thi , jab talaash hamari,Ek khushboo uthi aur , rut badal gayi saari

 When my search (to find spring on that road again )  seemed futile , I smelled a fragrance and everything suddenly changed

Saamne tum khade the , faila ke baahein,Jaise har dard mera khud mein loge samaye

You were standing right in front of me, your arms stretched out , it seemed like you would take away all my pain from me

Pal bada mukhtsar tha , tere seene pe sar tha, Yun laga mar na jaayein , itni khushiyon ke maare

The moment was really brief , when my head was resting on your chest  but  I thought I would just die of happiness ( in that very moment)

Ek din fursat mein….

bas hum ….

Fir wahin aakar khadi hoon aaj , jahan se kabhi safar shuru kiya tha ,

Wo tab bhi utna hi khamosh tha , jitna wo aaj hai , fark sirf itna , ki tab uski khamoshiyon se baaton ki khushboo aati thi ,dil ko yakeen tha  ki wo kabhi to mujhse apne dil ki baat kahega , wahi baat jo uski aankhon mein main aksar padh liya karti thi  ,

aur usi pal  main simatkar uski baahon mein ,nikal padungi saath uske , na raste ki fikr , naa hi manzil ki talaash …bas hum …..

aur us ek pal ke intezaar mein jaane kitne mausam guzar gaye …..Khwaab aur haqeeqat ke beech ki duri mitaana  itna bhi asaan nahi  , aur aksar khwaabon ki duniya peeche choot hi jaati hai , 

Aaj bhi wo utna hi khamosh hai , magar ab wo sapna dhundhla ho chala hai , ab wo itna kareeb bhi nahi ki uski khamoshiyon se mere lamhe mehek sakein , ab aisa rishta bhi nahi ki uske kuch bhi bolne ki umeed karoon , par dil , dil ko to aadat hai , har us cheez se umeed banaye rakhne ki , jahan kuch milne ki gunjaaish na ho …

hum ruk bhi jaaye agar , zindagi rukti kahan hai , main na chahte hue bhi aage badh hi jaungi, kehte hain waqt ke saath sab kuch badal jaata hai ,main bhi badal jaungi shayad ,  par na ye intezaar badalega , na ye umeed tootegi…..hum milenge , kahin na kahin kabhi na kabhi ….

aur usi pal , main simatkar uski baahon mein ,nikal padungi saath uske , na raste ki fikr , naa hi manzil ki talaash …bas hum ….

— Krithya

Wo aadat hai wo , Patiala house ( Lyrics and translation)

Khwabon ke lifaafon mein,kisso mein kitaabon mein ( In envelops full of dreams , in stories and in books)

Fursaton ki baaton mein,arso se khayalon mein ( In times of leisure , and in my thoughts since a long time )

thodi khoyi hui,kab se soyi hui , wo aadat hai woA little lost, and dormant  , is that one habit of mine)

Karvaton ki baahon mein , silvaton ki raahon mein

sehmi sehmi saanson mein , surmayi si baaton mein( In fearful breaths , in beautiful words)

zidd si choote nahi , ( Never leaves me like my temporary obsessions)

mujhse roothe nahi , wo aadat hai wo (Nor does it get angry with me , that habit of mine)

Wo dekhe jodhar , dole niyat udhar ( Whereverit goes, my mind also wanders in that direction)

ye mehka hunar , usne seekha kidhar( I don’t where did it  learn this beautiful art  from )

usko banane waala kuch kuch to behka hoga , jab bhi padi hogi nazar ( Even its creator might have been charmed by it , whenever he saw it)

chot banke kabhi , aise dil pe lagi , wo aadat hai wo ( It sometimes hurts , and makes the heart ache as well , that habit of mine)

Intezaar mein rahoon , umar bhar main to rukoon ( I keep waiting, I can wait for it all my life)

dil ko kaise doon sukoon , usse main ye keh sakoon ( How can my heart get some peace, How can I tell her all this)

yun zubaan pe chadhi , mehngi jo hai badi wo aadat hai wo I want to talk about it all the time , a little expensive , this habit of mine)

( The song either refers to a person’s true calling , an element , a habit , a dream that never leaves a person no matter what , or may be to a true lover who makes life beautiful and is always by one’s side no matter what….whatever the meaning might be i find this song really pleasing and beautiful , with awesome lyrics and soothing music.)

Another gem by Jagjit Singh!!!

Wo rulakar bhi hans na paaya der tak , jab main ro kar muskuraya der tak

( He made me cry but could not laugh , when I smiled with tears in my eyes for a long time.)

Bhoolna chaha agar usko kabhi, Aur bhi yaad aaya der tak

(Whenever I tried to forget him , I was reminded of him all the more for a long time )

Bhooke bachchon ki tassalli ke liye , Maa ne phir paani pakaya der tak

(Just to make the hungry kids happy , their mom cooked plain water for a long time)

Gungunaata jaa raha tha ek fakir , dhoop rehti na saaya der tak.

(A homeless beggar kept humming this line , Neither does sunshine nor shadows last for a long time)


Uski hasrat ( Lyrics and Meaning) – Ghazal by Jagjit singh and Chitra Singh

Uski hasrat hai , jise dil se mita bhi na sakoon I cannot erase that wish to be with her  from my heart

Dhoondhne usko chala hoon jise paa bhi na sakoon  I am looking for someone who I know can never be mine

Meherbaan ho ke bula lo mujhe chaaho jis waqt But you can call me whenever you please

Main gaya waqt nahi hoon , ki fir aa bhi na sakoon I am not lost time , that I cannot come back to you

Daal kar khaak mere khoon pe qaatil ne kaha My murderer after covering my blood with ashes said

Kuch ye mehindi nahi meri ke chupa bhi na sakoon Its not the red henna on my hand that I cannot hide it.

Zeher milta hi nahi mujhko sitamgar warna  I cannot  find  poison otherwise 

Kya kasam hai tere milne ki ke khaa bhi na sakoon Its not like that promise that we will meet again , that I would not keep it.

Uske pehloon mein jo le jaake dil ko When my heart is close to my beloved

Neend aisi use aaye ki jagaa bhi na sakoon It sleeps so peacefully that I do not wish to wake it.

Its really hard to find perfect words that can express the meaning of the song in english. All I did was tried to translate it literally so that one gets at the very least a feeling of whats being said.

Its actually the story of a broken heart, a heart that truly loves someone but cannot stay with his/her beloved. He loves her but cannot be with her , he keeps looking for her  though he knows he will not be able to find her. But still he tells her , she can call him whenever she wants , and that he is not like time , that once gone you can never have it back. He refers to her as his murderer or the murderer of his love , and says , she covered my blood after my murder with ashes , and mockingly  said , this blood is not like the henna on my hand that cannot be hidden. ( Henna is generally applied on the hands of the bride during marriages, referring probably to the girl getting married to someone else and thus killing his love ) …

Its just that I cannot find poison otherwise I would have taken it right away. Poison is  not like the promise that we will  meet again which is so difficult to make and keep. When my heart is with you it sleeps so peacefully that I do not feel like waking it up, let it stay with you forever…….

Yun to koi gila nahi – title song ( Lyrics and meaning)

Yun to koi gila nahi , sab kuch tha kya na tha ( There was no  problem , I had everything )

fir bhi jo ek kami si  thi , uska pata na tha ( Still there was something missing , but I did not know what it is)

Ye kaun mujhmein chup ke , mujhe dekhne laga ( Is there someone hiding inside me now , who is staring at me )

itna haseen pehle kabhi aaina na thaLooking at the mirror never felt so wonderful  )

Kyun dhoop motiyon se chamakti na thi kabhi ( Never did sun shine like pearl drops)

Itni to raatraani mehekti na thi kabhi ( Nor did the nightblooming jasmine smell so sweet)

mausam hara to tha magar itna hara na tha ( There was greenery around but it never felt so beautiful)

gaate phool patte , bajate hain taaliyan  ( Flowers seem to be singing while leaves clap their hands)

khush hoke naachte hain , darakhton pe daaliyaan ( The branches seem to be dancing happily on the trees)

khaamoshiyon ko bolte pehle suna na tha ( Never did I hear silence speak before )

Jaane kya baat hui  ( I dont know whats the matter with me )