Wo aadat hai wo , Patiala house ( Lyrics and translation)

Khwabon ke lifaafon mein,kisso mein kitaabon mein ( In envelops full of dreams , in stories and in books)

Fursaton ki baaton mein,arso se khayalon mein ( In times of leisure , and in my thoughts since a long time )

thodi khoyi hui,kab se soyi hui , wo aadat hai woA little lost, and dormant  , is that one habit of mine)

Karvaton ki baahon mein , silvaton ki raahon mein

sehmi sehmi saanson mein , surmayi si baaton mein( In fearful breaths , in beautiful words)

zidd si choote nahi , ( Never leaves me like my temporary obsessions)

mujhse roothe nahi , wo aadat hai wo (Nor does it get angry with me , that habit of mine)

Wo dekhe jodhar , dole niyat udhar ( Whereverit goes, my mind also wanders in that direction)

ye mehka hunar , usne seekha kidhar( I don’t where did it  learn this beautiful art  from )

usko banane waala kuch kuch to behka hoga , jab bhi padi hogi nazar ( Even its creator might have been charmed by it , whenever he saw it)

chot banke kabhi , aise dil pe lagi , wo aadat hai wo ( It sometimes hurts , and makes the heart ache as well , that habit of mine)

Intezaar mein rahoon , umar bhar main to rukoon ( I keep waiting, I can wait for it all my life)

dil ko kaise doon sukoon , usse main ye keh sakoon ( How can my heart get some peace, How can I tell her all this)

yun zubaan pe chadhi , mehngi jo hai badi wo aadat hai wo I want to talk about it all the time , a little expensive , this habit of mine)

( The song either refers to a person’s true calling , an element , a habit , a dream that never leaves a person no matter what , or may be to a true lover who makes life beautiful and is always by one’s side no matter what….whatever the meaning might be i find this song really pleasing and beautiful , with awesome lyrics and soothing music.)


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