Ek din fursat mein – Zindagi Rocks ( Lyrics and Meaning)

( Awesome lyrics and beautifully sung ….SONG)

Ek din fursat mein , thaame haath hamare , le gayi us dagar pe , jahan rehti hai baharein

One day life leisurely held my hand , and took me to the road where  spring ( happiness)  resides

Chal diye hum bhi ghar se , hoke kuch befikar se ,Dil tha apne bharose , hum the dil ke sahare

I also left home  with life , without any worries , my heart trusted me , and I trusted my heart

Raah mein mod aaya , roshni ho gayi kam,Kuch dil ghabraya , ki kahan aa gaye hum 

And then there came a turn on that road , when the lights became dim , and its then that my heart got scared , wondering which place is this.

Aage us mod ke bhi , to baharein nahi thi ,Bhooli kuch khwahishein aur khwaab de bas hamare

And even after that turn , I could not find spring anymore , All the road had was some forgotten desires and my dreams

Ek din fursat mein …..

Bewajah lag rahi thi , jab talaash hamari,Ek khushboo uthi aur , rut badal gayi saari

 When my search (to find spring on that road again )  seemed futile , I smelled a fragrance and everything suddenly changed

Saamne tum khade the , faila ke baahein,Jaise har dard mera khud mein loge samaye

You were standing right in front of me, your arms stretched out , it seemed like you would take away all my pain from me

Pal bada mukhtsar tha , tere seene pe sar tha, Yun laga mar na jaayein , itni khushiyon ke maare

The moment was really brief , when my head was resting on your chest  but  I thought I would just die of happiness ( in that very moment)

Ek din fursat mein….


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