Jab kisi se gila rakhna – jagjit singh ( Lyrics and meaning)

Jab kisi se koi gila rakhna , saamne apne aaina rakhna 

(Whenever you have a complaint against anyone, make sure you have a mirror in front of you)

Yun ujaalon se waasta rakhna , shama ke paas hi hawa rakhna

(Have such a relationship with light , make sure you have a source of wind near the flame)

Ghar ki taameer chaahe jaisi ho , ismein rone ki kuch jagah rakhna

(No matter how the house has been built (constructed) , leave some space in it to cry )

Masjidein hai namaziyon ke liye , apne ghar mein kahin khuda rakhna

(Mosques are for those who read the namaaz, Somewhere in your house let the Lord reside)

Milna julna jahan zaruri ho , Milne julne ka hausala rakhna

(Wherever meeting and greeting is necessary , have some courage to meet and greet the other person)


6 thoughts on “Jab kisi se gila rakhna – jagjit singh ( Lyrics and meaning)

  1. This is one engrossing post !! So many different pursuits raging in your mind. I am a big Hindi Ghazal fan , also a Nikon D800 enthusiast .
    ” Shama ke paas hi hawa rakhna ” is not as simple a concept as your translation indicates. Poet Nida Fazli thinking goes a lot deeper than that.
    Ganeshdore@aol.com . I live in Los Angeles. I have an extensive Ghazal collection. Send me an e mail !

    • Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to share your thoughts Ganesh. I can’t agree with you more about the deeper meaning of the lines. 🙂
      This is just my humble attempt to translate the lyrics, but their interpretations can be varied and different. By no means do I claim that the translations are a reflection of all the things the poet wanted to say….I don’t think anyone can ever claim that, not even the poet I guess. Such is the beauty of ghazals….there are as many interpretations as there are listeners…some simple, some complex but none too wrong and none too right 🙂
      Ghazal fan and a photography enthusiast….why haven’t we met 🙂

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