Jaa rahe ho agar – Ganesh Hegde ( Lyrics and Meaning)

Jaa rahe ho agar , dur mujhse sanam , fir mere paas aana nahi ,

ye bhi mumkin nahi, main palat na sakoon , isliye itna waada karo

Mujhko awaaz dena nahi

Mil bhi jaaye agar hum tumhe raah mein , pher lena nazar par milana nahi

Dekh lo bhi agar tum humein bhool se , apni aankhon mein tum ashk lana nahi

Dil se humko to tum kar chuke ho juda, aankh se bhi giraana nahi

Tumne maangi dua , humko mile har khushi , tumhi meri khushi , fir kyun mile na humein

Tumne li hai kasam , gham na karna kabhi , tum sikha do zara muskuraana humein

tumne keh to diya , yaad karna nahi , khaab tum bhi aana nahi

If you are leaving me , my beloved, please do not come close to me again , and it’s not possible for me to not look back if you call me , so please promise you will never call out my name again.

And even if we cross roads someday , just turn away and leave , please do not even look at me , and even if you notice me by mistake , please do not shed any tears for me , you already severed me from your heart , please do not let me fall off your eyes.

All you prayed for was that I get all the happiness I want , but my happiness was you , then why couldn’t we be together,You asked me to promise that I will never ever be sad again ,so  can you teach me how to smile now  , You asked me never to think about you again , but promise me that you will no longer come in to my dreams.

I tried my best , but the translation does not do justice to the lyrics. All my hindi speaking friends will agree.

At the time this song was released I was about to leave school and whenever I would hear this song , I would burst into tears. Well,no tears anymore , guess memories fade as time passes.  The song is  now a personal favorite ,  now I cherish and enjoy it , the depth in the  lyrics and the smoothness in the voice,

Except before my history exams , I have always been thankful for people being forgetful. If not for that one quality , our brains would have been a total mess, Imagine remembering all the difficult times and hardships as clearly as they happened yesterday, I don’t think I would see a happy face ever, we would all carry so much baggage from our past. Thank god things are different and we can forget few things just like we remember few others.  🙂 🙂 🙂


Surmayi shaam – Lekin ( lyrics)

Its  Gulzar again and  the smooth voice of Suresh Wadkar…..I haven’t got a chance to watch the movie so no clue what the actual setting of the song is  but to me  this seems like one of those songs you would love to listen to with a cup of tea , on a lonely evening , as the sun is preparing to wrap up for the day….It so amazingly captures the thoughts that run through your mind, when you badly miss someone , the emptiness , the loneliness , the illusions and the silence within you….

Surmayi shaam , is tarah aaye, saans lete hain jis tarah saaye 

Koi aahat nahi badan ki kahin , Phir bhi lagta hai tu yahin hai  kahin

Waqt jaata sunayi deta hai , tera saaya dikhayi deta hai

Jaise khushboo nazar se choo jaaye , saans lete hain jis tarah saaye

Din ka jo bhi peher guzarta hai , koi ehsaan sa utarta hai

Waqt ke paanv dekhta hoon main , roz ye chaanv dekhta hoon main

aaye jaise koi khayal aaye , saans lete hain jis tarah saaye

Phir se aaiyo badra bidesi – Namkeen ( Lyrics and Translation)

The song is such a beautiful composition , there is haunting mystery in the notes , child like innocence in the words (Gulzar)  , the  music ( RD Burman) takes you on a journey to the foggy hill tops , where you can almost touch the clouds , and the voice of Asha Bhosle adds a nostalgic mood to it……Simply Beautiful

Phir se aiyo badra bidesi , tere pankhon pe moti jadungi 

Bhar ke jaiyo hamari talaiya, main talaiya kinare milungi

Tujhe mere kale kamli waale ki saun


Tere jaane ki rut main jaanti hoon , Mud ki aane ki reet hai ki nahi

Kale darga se poochungi jaake tere mann mein bhi preet hai ki nahi

kachchi puliya se hoke gujariyo , kachchi puliya kinaare milungi

Tu jo ruk jaao meri atariya , main atariya pe jhaalar laga doon

daaloon char tabeez gale mein , apne kajal se bindiya laga doon

Chooke jaiyo hamari bageechi , main peepal ke aade milungi

Come again oh clouds from the other country , I will decorate your wings with pearls

And on your way  fill my pond with water , I will meet you on the banks of the pond

Promise me you will come  ( Literally means ” in the name of my man with the black coat, promise”)

 I know the time of your departure , but is it customary for you to come back as well ?

I will go and ask  that man in the black coat , if your heart loves  me like I love you

And on your way  pass over the small (weak) bridge , I will meet you at the end of the bridge


If you stop by my terrace ,I will decorate it with frills and tassels  (to welcome you )

I will put charms around your neck and put a black dot on you ( to ward off evil)

And on your way  touch(visit) my garden , I will meet you under the peepal tree

खामोश यादें ……कृत्या

जब भी तन्हाई का आलम हद्द से गुज़र जाता है ,
जब आँखों में सजाया हर ख्वाब अजनबी हो जाता है
तब दीवारों पर सजी तसवीरें उसकी याद दिलाती हैं,
वो जो कभी साथ था पर आज …

जब ख़ामोशी के कोहरे में सारा जहां सो जाता है ,
जब अपनी आवाज़ भी मुश्किल से सुनाई देती है
तब दर पर दस्तक देती हवा उसकी याद दिलाती है
वो जो जभी साथ था , पर आज ..
जब रात की गोद में हर कोई चैन से सो जाता है
जब चाँद की ठंडक भी दिल को जला जाती है ,
तब कहीं एक टूटता तारा उसकी याद दिलाता है
वो जो कभी साथ था पर आज..
जब एक अजीब से बेचैनी दिल को परेशान करती है ,
जब एक अंजना सा दर्द आँखों में छलक उठता है
तब लिफाफों पे रखे चंद ख़त उसकी याद दिलाते हैं
वो जो कभी साथ था पर आज..
हमने भी कुछ तस्वीरों को दीवारों पे सजा रखा है
हमने भी चंद कागजों को लफ़्ज़ों से सजा रखा है
ये भी किसी को हमारी याद दिलाएंगे
हम जो आज है , शायद कल…


The arrow and the song

I shot an arrow into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For, so swiftly it flew, the sight
Could not follow it in its flight.

I breathed a song into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For who has sight so keen and strong,
That it can follow the flight of song?

Long, long afterward, in an oak
I found the arrow, still unbroke;
And the song, from beginning to end,
I found again in the heart of a friend.

-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Tanhayee mein….Krithya

Main roti hoon tanhayee mein , main hasti hoon tanhayee mein

har lamha guzar jaata hai mera yun hi tanhayee mein


kabhi koi mere saath nahi hota , kabhi main khud bhi apne saath nahi hoti ,

Bheed mein bhi tanha ho jaati hoon kabhi , kabhi tanha hoti hoon tanhayee mein


Jo mil jaaye kadmon ke nishaan kahin ret par , to yun lagta hai mil gaya hai koi apna

Har nishaan magar mera hi hota hai , jo maine kabhi banaya tha tanhayee mein


Mitti ki chaar deewaaron ka ek ghar hai mera , ek band darwaaza hai ek khuli khidki hai

Aati hai chandani usi khidki se , andhere ka ehsaas dilaane tanhayee mein


Band aankhon mein neend kam ho rahi hai ,reh reh ke khuli aankhein nam ho rahi hai

Lagta hai fir koi khwaab toota hai , jo maine dekha tha tanhayee mein


Hasta tha zamaana meri ghamon par , na fikr na hi kadr kisi ko meri aahon ki

Ab dard cuhpaane ka hunar seekh liya hai , dil ne ro ro ke tanhayee mein


– Krithya

ek haseen gumnaam rishta….Krithya

Har muskaan hansi ban jaaye zaroori to nahi, Kuch ashkon ki dastaan ban jaati hain

Har aangan gulistaan ban jaaye zaroori to nahi , Kuch pathjhad ki pehchaan ban jaati hain

Har makaan ghar ban jaaye zaroori to nahi , Kuch jazbaaton se anjaan reh jaate hain

Har rishte ko naam mile zaroori to nahi , Kuch yun hi gumnaam reh jaate hain

– Krithya