koi chaara nahi dua ke siwa – (lyrics by Hafeez Jalandhari)

Koi chara nahi dua ke siwa , koi sunta nahi khuda ke siwa

(There is no other option for me except prayers, There is no one else who listens to me except god)

Mujhse kya ho saka wafa ke siwa , mujhe milta bhi kya saza ke siwa

( The only thing I ever did was being loyal, what else could I get other than serve a punishment)

bar sar-e-saahil-e-muqaam yahan,kaun ubhra hai nakhuda ke siwa

At the shores of the final destination,  who has risen other than the one steering the boat

dil sabhi kuch zubaan par laaya ,ek faqat arz-e-mudda ke siwa

( My heart let out everything from my lips except for the confession of my love)

Ye ‘Hafeez’ aah aah par aakhir, kya kahein dost wah wah ke siwa

(And when I narrate this sad story here , all my friends just appreciate my choice of words)


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