Phir se aaiyo badra bidesi – Namkeen ( Lyrics and Translation)

The song is such a beautiful composition , there is haunting mystery in the notes , child like innocence in the words (Gulzar)  , the  music ( RD Burman) takes you on a journey to the foggy hill tops , where you can almost touch the clouds , and the voice of Asha Bhosle adds a nostalgic mood to it……Simply Beautiful

Phir se aiyo badra bidesi , tere pankhon pe moti jadungi 

Bhar ke jaiyo hamari talaiya, main talaiya kinare milungi

Tujhe mere kale kamli waale ki saun


Tere jaane ki rut main jaanti hoon , Mud ki aane ki reet hai ki nahi

Kale darga se poochungi jaake tere mann mein bhi preet hai ki nahi

kachchi puliya se hoke gujariyo , kachchi puliya kinaare milungi

Tu jo ruk jaao meri atariya , main atariya pe jhaalar laga doon

daaloon char tabeez gale mein , apne kajal se bindiya laga doon

Chooke jaiyo hamari bageechi , main peepal ke aade milungi

Come again oh clouds from the other country , I will decorate your wings with pearls

And on your way  fill my pond with water , I will meet you on the banks of the pond

Promise me you will come  ( Literally means ” in the name of my man with the black coat, promise”)

 I know the time of your departure , but is it customary for you to come back as well ?

I will go and ask  that man in the black coat , if your heart loves  me like I love you

And on your way  pass over the small (weak) bridge , I will meet you at the end of the bridge


If you stop by my terrace ,I will decorate it with frills and tassels  (to welcome you )

I will put charms around your neck and put a black dot on you ( to ward off evil)

And on your way  touch(visit) my garden , I will meet you under the peepal tree


24 thoughts on “Phir se aaiyo badra bidesi – Namkeen ( Lyrics and Translation)

    • Glad you liked it. Thank you for dropping by.
      And it is also wonderful that you found the comments to be useful. I am gradually realizing how important crowd sourcing is to gather and preserve information.

  1. Shaggy, you mentioned that the movie with the correct ending is on DVD, where can I purchase a region 2 version from (I’m in the UK)?

    • Hi Immi
      Hope you found the other version of the movie.
      If not try replying to Shaggy’s comment directly to get a reply in return.
      Hope this helps!

    • Thanks Anonymous. Someone did point that out earlier, that “kale kamli waala” refers to God.
      Whether it is specifically Lord krishna, I am not so sure.
      Nevertheless, kali kamli waala literally means the one with a black blanket or coat, and that is what I have noted in my translation above.
      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts.

  2. Just loved the translation of this beautiful composition of Gulzar from namkeen. Now i can relate to this song better. Thanks.

  3. Just loved the translation of this beautiful composition of Gulzar. Now i can relate to this song more deeply. Thanks.

  4. thanks so much for the words.. i’ve been savouring this song’s beautiful bittersweetness for as far as i can remember but couldn’t figure the exact lyrics.. the sarangi cry, the pining vocals, the floating clouds and the sad fate of the mute poetess mitthoo (shabana azmi in the movie) make it just unforgettable
    btw, “kali kamli wale” might refer to a spiritual sect from the himalayan foothills, esp on the trail north from Haridwar/Rishikesh.. i remember jim corbett’s “man-eating leopard of rudraprayag” mentions them as wearers of black blankets

    your blog seems like my kind of place.. will hang out here more 🙂

    • Hey shaggy
      Your interpretation of “kali kamli wale” sounds appropriate! Thanks for sharing 🙂
      (And just curious, is your name inspired from the cartoon character Shaggy in Scooby Doo?)

      • hey krithya!
        returning to your page after a while thanks to the most recent commenter triggering my subscription mail.. shaggy is a “dak-naam” and not inspired by scooby-doo.. though i like the cartoon series i don’t have much in common with the character except for maybe being laidback and doing some legend-tripping in my college days.. it was a fun, colorful show and, must say, always found the explorer-girl Velma’s geekiness quite a turn-on 🙂

        thanks for reminding me of this song again..have begun playing it on youtube..will be on repeat for some time

        btw, interesting tidbit about the movie, sharing in case you don’t already know it: it had two different endings..the “samapt” sign came up originally during the song “raah pe rehte hain”, after the second verse (the last verse was dropped)’ll find that song version on youtube.. the other ending, currently on DVD, has Sanjeev Kumar returning after three years to find Namkeen alone, wandering almost catatonic through the broken-down house and taking her back with him..i like to think it is the second ending foretold by “phir se aiyo” that makes the song all the more special 🙂

        • Hey Shaggy
          Long time! I like happy endings I guess, but did not know the movie had two different endings. The one I saw was a happy one, the one where Sanjeev Kumar comes back, and did not think about it that way, but that adds more meaning to the song. Thanks for sharing that piece of information. Please visit more often, would like to hear more from you 🙂 ….BTW do you have a blog ?

          • don’t have a blog to speak of.. do have a few travel photologs here and there.. though nothing of the calibre that i see here 🙂 will be visiting more often, promise.. do feel free to email me if you so wish.. have already begun my own catching up to your interim posts and lyrics.. love your choices.. they’ve opened up new vistas of music for me 🙂

    • Thanks for dropping by and thank you all the more for the appreciation , the first ever comment on my blog….:) 🙂 🙂
      The essence of the composition is “lost in translation” , but I try sharing the literal meaning at least , leaving the poetic interpretation to the reader….

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