Jagjit Singh – You will be missed

One of his lesser known but beautiful song :

Zindagi mein sada muskuraate raho, Faasle kam karo , dil milaate raho

Dard kaisa bhi ho , aankh nam na karo ,raat kaali sahi , koi gham na karo

ek sitara bano , jagmagaate raho….

Baantna hai agar baant lo har khushi, gham na zaahir karo tum kisi pe kabhi

dil ki gehraayee mein gham chupaate raho…

Ashk anmol hai , kho na dena kabhi , inki har boond hai motiyon se hanseen

Inko har aankh se tum churaate raho…

No matter what , keep smiling all your life , erase distances , and let hearts come together

Whatever the pain, never moisten your eyes, the night might be dark , but do not get blue

Be a star and shine through the night

If you  want to share, share your joy, but do not let anyone know of your sorrow

Hide all the miseries in the depths of your heart.

Tears are precious, do not lose them , each drop is as beautiful as a pearl ,

Try stealing those tears from everyone’s eyes.


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