Rakhta nahi – Lucky Ali (Lyrics and Meaning)

Nahi rakhta  dil mein kuch , rakhta hoon zubaan par, samjhe na apne kabhi

I do not keep anything in my heart , I speak out whatever I feel ,but even my own people do not understand this

keh nahi sakta kya sehta hoon chupakar ,ek aise aadat hai meri

How can I explain what I bear if i try to hide something , it’s just my habit

sabhi to hai jinse milta hoon,sahi jo hai inse kehta hoon,jo samajhta hoon

I meet everyone, and tell them whatever I understand is right

maine dekha nahi rang dil aaya hai sirf ada par,ek aisi chaahat hai meri

I did not see the color , i just fell in love with her ways, this is how my love is

baharon ke ghere se laaya dil sajakar,ek aisi sohbat hai meri

 I have adorned my heart with spring, and that is how my company feels (like spring)

saaye mein chaye rehta hoon,aankhein bichaye rehta hoon,jinse milta hoon

I keep wandering in the shadows, and look forward to meet ,whoever I can

kitno dekha hai humne yahan,kuch seekha hai humne unse naya

I have seen so many people here , and have learnt something new from each of them

Pehle fursat thi ab hasrat hai samakar,ek aisi uljhan hai meri

Initially there was lot of idle time, now it has been replaced by my whims, I am now confused (which one to choose)

khud chalke rukta hoon jahan jis jagah par, ek aisi sarhad hai meri

I walk all by myself and stop whenever I want , and that’s what defines my boundary

kehne se bhi main darta hoon,apno ke dhun mein rehta hoono,kar kya sakta hoon,

I am scared to speak out though, I just stay the way I am among my own people, what more can I do

de sakta hoon main thoda pyar main yahan par,jitni hasiyat hai meri

All I can do is give some love, from whatever I have that is

reh jaaoon sabke dil mein dil ko basakar,ek aisi niyat hai meri

I just stay in the hearts of those I meet , this is my nature

ho jaaye to bhi raazi hoon,kho jaaoon to main baaki hoon,yun samajhta hoon

If something happens I am up for it, If I lose or am lost some of me still remains, this is how I understand (life probably)

raste na badle na badla jahan,fir kyun badalte kadam hai yahan

Neither the roads change nor does the world, then why do the feet that walk keep changing all the time


11 thoughts on “Rakhta nahi – Lucky Ali (Lyrics and Meaning)

    • I like songs by him but I haven’t followed his life or work close enough to know his nature. But I am with you on the song written beautifully with sincere lyrics. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts!

  1. Nice effort to translate this one, though it is difficult to translate the exact meaning or the exact emotions of a song written in one language into another, its a decent effort 🙂

    • I totally agree, none of the translations here do justice to the actual meaning of the song, like I always say “the meaning is lost in translation”, but I try:) Its like drawing an outline for a sketch and leaving it to the reader to fill in the details and colors 🙂

    • This is a good try …, this song has such deep meaning, it’s difficult to translate. My language skills are not very good.. However, I think… ‘Ek aisi niyat hai meri’ should not translate to ‘ it is my nature’… ‘This is my intention’ sounds more correct.

      It’s a beautiful song 👍

      • Yea, a line by line justification cannot do justice to a song that has so many underlying layers to it, and if one starts exploring the layers, peeling them one at a time one may find out that there is no end to it. And yes, I also think “intention”: would be a more fitting word for Niyat.
        I missed this comment, but thanks for sharing your thoughts, much appreciated.

  2. Thanks for the translation. Truly, the eternal lesson of life. One who accepts it has learnt the meaning of living.

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