1. Raat tamir karein – dus kahaniyaan

Ek raat chalo tamir karein, khamoshi ke sangemarmar par,

Hum taan ke tarikhi sar par , do shammayein jalaye jismon ki

Jab os dabe paaon utare,  aahat bhi na paaye saanson ki

Kohre ki reshmi khusbhoo mein , khushboo ki tarah hi lipte rahein

Aur jism ke saundhe pardon mein roohon ki tarah lehraate rahein

Ek raat chalo tamir karein

Meaning: (i do not know  the meaning of tarikhi though)

The poem is about the feelings of a girl who is married to someone else , but still  goes to meet her lover secretly in the darkness of the night.

Lets build a night on the marble of silence (a night such that)


As the dew drops silently come down, they should not be able to hear us breathe

and we become one with the silky fragrance of the mist

and  fly freely like our souls within the pleasant confinement of our bodies.

Come lets build such a night.


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