Ye aaine se akele mein (Kaash) – by Hariharan

Ye aaine se akele mein guftagu kya hai , jo main nahi hoon to fir tere rubaroo kya hai

Isi umeed pe kaati hai zindagi maine, wo kaash poochte mujhse ki aarzoo kya hai

Ye rang-e-gul , ye shafaq aur ye taabish-e-anjum, tera jamaal nahi hai to chaarsu kya hai

Kyun unke saamne tum dil ki baat karte ho, jo khud samajhte nahi ki dil ki aabroo kya hai


Who is it that you are talking to staring at the mirror, if its not me who do you think is standing front of you ( the guy calling himself the girls reflection in the mirror)

I am rejecting everthing the world has to offer with a hope, that someday she will come and ask me what I desire ( and my incomplete love will be complete that day and she is all I want in life)

These colour, flowers, the twilight and the twin stars,if this is not beauty then what do you call beautiful ( describing the beauty of the girl by comparing her to dusk, colours, flowers stars etc.)

Why do you talk about the heart in front of her, when she does not even respect the feelings of her own heart (complaining about how she never confesses her feelings even to herself, though she knows she loves him)




Aadhi raat guzar gayi (Kaash) – by Hariharan

aadhi raat guzar gayi , jaane neend kidhar gayi

hum saahil pe baithe the, duniya paar utar gayi

jaane kitne phool jale, ghar ghar raakh bikhar gaye

dil mein itne khwwaab bhi the, pehli baar nazar gayi

saara paani sookh gaya, apni naav jidhar gayi

(Its like the story of a broken lonely restless soul)

Its past midnight, and I still cannot fall asleep  ( implying no peace of mind) ,

I was still sitting at the bank/shore, and the world made it to the other side of the river ( implying  loneliness)

I do not know how many flowers were burnt, but the ashes spread over all the houses (that is everyone knows about my broken heart)

I did not know there were so many dreams in my heart, this is the first time I noticed (implying  ignorance about oneself)

The water would dry up, wherever my boat went. (bad luck in whatever I tried to do)




Jhoom le has bol le (kaash) – by Hariharan

Jhoom le has bol le pyaari agar hai zindagi, saans ke bas ek jhonke ka safar hai zindagi

Der hi bante bigadte kuch ise lagti nahi, phool ki deewar pe shabnam ka ghar hai zindagi

Ajnabee halaat se bhi has ke milne chahiye, har kadam par mudne waali rehguzar hai zindagi

Zindagi mein jo bhi karna chahta hai kar guzar, kya khabar barson ki hai ya lamha bhar hai zindagi.

Enjoy every moment to your fullest, since life is nothing but  a waft of breath

It takes only a split second to make or break a life,  life is  like this house of dew on a wall of flowers ( so fresh yet delicate, and momentary )

You should embrace the strangest moments in life with a smile, since life is that road which twists and turns at every step

Do whatever you want to whenever you can, you never know if life is as long as few years or is probably just a few moments

Maiqde bandh karein (kaash) – by Hariharan

Maiqade band karein, laakh zamaane waale , sheher mein kam nahi aankhon se pilaane waale

kaash mujhko bhi laga le tu kabhi seene se , meri tasveer ko seene se lagaane waale

hum yakeen aapke waade pe bhala kaise karein, aap hargiz nahi hai waada nibhaane waale

apne aibon pe nazar jinki nahi hoti hai , aaina unko dikhaate hain zamaane waale

What if people close down all the bars, there are still many people (girls) in town who can intoxicate you with their eyes

I wish you would hold me close someday and give me a tight hug, the way you hold on to my picture right now (to the girl)

How should I trust your promises , when I know you never keep them (to the girl)

When you do not recognize your faults and follies, the world around you makes sure to show you the mirror (to the girl when she leaves him)

(i.e. people behave in the same way as you behave with them)


Kaash ( kaash) – by Hariharan

Kaash aisa koi manzar hota, mere kaandhein pe tera sar hota

jama karta jo mein aaye hue sang, sar chupaane ne ke liye ghar hota

is bulandi pe bahut tanha hoon, kaash mein sabke baraabar hota

usne uljha diya duniya mein mujhe, warna ek aur kalandar hota hai

I wish there was a scene (moment) , where I could rest my head on your shoulders

I wish there was a scene (moment) , where you could rest your head on my shoulders

Had I saved while I was earning, I would have a roof over my head today

I have attained success but I am very lonely here, I wish I was just like the others ( ordinary)

I was caught in the worldly troubles and desires, else I would have led a happier life.

Humne ek shaam (Kaash) – by Hariharan

Humne ek shaam charaagon se saja rakhi hai , sharth logon ne hawaaon se laga rakhi hai

Hum bhi anjaam ki parvaah nahi karte yaaron, jaan humne bhi hatheli pe utha rakhi hai

Shayad aa jaaye koi humse jyada pyaasa, bas yahi sochke thodi si bacha rakhi hai

Tum humein qatl to karne nahi aaye lekin, aasteeno mein ye kya cheez chupa rakhi hai

I have lit up an evening with oil lamps, and everyone around me is betting with the wind (trying to extinguish those lamps/my hope)

I do not care about the outcome anyway, since I do not even care about my life anymore

There may be a passer by more thirsty than I am,thinking of which I have saved some drink

I know you did not come to kill me, but what is that thing that  you are  hiding under your arms  (referring to  probably a knife or a gun)