Aadhi raat guzar gayi (Kaash) – by Hariharan

aadhi raat guzar gayi , jaane neend kidhar gayi

hum saahil pe baithe the, duniya paar utar gayi

jaane kitne phool jale, ghar ghar raakh bikhar gaye

dil mein itne khwwaab bhi the, pehli baar nazar gayi

saara paani sookh gaya, apni naav jidhar gayi

(Its like the story of a broken lonely restless soul)

Its past midnight, and I still cannot fall asleep  ( implying no peace of mind) ,

I was still sitting at the bank/shore, and the world made it to the other side of the river ( implying  loneliness)

I do not know how many flowers were burnt, but the ashes spread over all the houses (that is everyone knows about my broken heart)

I did not know there were so many dreams in my heart, this is the first time I noticed (implying  ignorance about oneself)

The water would dry up, wherever my boat went. (bad luck in whatever I tried to do)





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