Humne ek shaam (Kaash) – by Hariharan

Humne ek shaam charaagon se saja rakhi hai , sharth logon ne hawaaon se laga rakhi hai

Hum bhi anjaam ki parvaah nahi karte yaaron, jaan humne bhi hatheli pe utha rakhi hai

Shayad aa jaaye koi humse jyada pyaasa, bas yahi sochke thodi si bacha rakhi hai

Tum humein qatl to karne nahi aaye lekin, aasteeno mein ye kya cheez chupa rakhi hai

I have lit up an evening with oil lamps, and everyone around me is betting with the wind (trying to extinguish those lamps/my hope)

I do not care about the outcome anyway, since I do not even care about my life anymore

There may be a passer by more thirsty than I am,thinking of which I have saved some drink

I know you did not come to kill me, but what is that thing that  you are  hiding under your arms  (referring to  probably a knife or a gun)


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