Jhoom le has bol le (kaash) – by Hariharan

Jhoom le has bol le pyaari agar hai zindagi, saans ke bas ek jhonke ka safar hai zindagi

Der hi bante bigadte kuch ise lagti nahi, phool ki deewar pe shabnam ka ghar hai zindagi

Ajnabee halaat se bhi has ke milne chahiye, har kadam par mudne waali rehguzar hai zindagi

Zindagi mein jo bhi karna chahta hai kar guzar, kya khabar barson ki hai ya lamha bhar hai zindagi.

Enjoy every moment to your fullest, since life is nothing but  a waft of breath

It takes only a split second to make or break a life,  life is  like this house of dew on a wall of flowers ( so fresh yet delicate, and momentary )

You should embrace the strangest moments in life with a smile, since life is that road which twists and turns at every step

Do whatever you want to whenever you can, you never know if life is as long as few years or is probably just a few moments


2 thoughts on “Jhoom le has bol le (kaash) – by Hariharan

    • This is from the album “kaash” by Hariharan, and according to the wiki page the lyricist for the album is “Janaab Tahir Faraz” – that is all I know 🙂

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