Kaash ( kaash) – by Hariharan

Kaash aisa koi manzar hota, mere kaandhein pe tera sar hota

jama karta jo mein aaye hue sang, sar chupaane ne ke liye ghar hota

is bulandi pe bahut tanha hoon, kaash mein sabke baraabar hota

usne uljha diya duniya mein mujhe, warna ek aur kalandar hota hai

I wish there was a scene (moment) , where I could rest my head on your shoulders

I wish there was a scene (moment) , where you could rest your head on my shoulders

Had I saved while I was earning, I would have a roof over my head today

I have attained success but I am very lonely here, I wish I was just like the others ( ordinary)

I was caught in the worldly troubles and desires, else I would have led a happier life.


22 thoughts on “Kaash ( kaash) – by Hariharan

    • Hariharan indeed has a beautiful voice, very few singers have that kind of pause and poise.
      (For a minute there I thought you were talking about me :), I was almost about to clear your misunderstanding :)).

  1. “Sang” can mean both together or stones right? It is hard to tell whether the word is used as a noun or as an adverb
    Though now the more I think about it, the stones version sounds more fitting.
    Probably like you said, if I had collected all the stones/ difficulties that came my way, they would be enough to build a house.
    Thanks for the insight!

  2. Oh that makes sense, and fits in well with the other half of that line
    (but I fail to see why someone would have stones come into their lives or the implied meaning of stones here šŸ™‚ )

  3. Good work with the translation…

    My interpretation of the 1st stanza is that ‘If I had collected (i.e. treasured) those that accompanied me (in other words of I had not neglected the people who were with me) I would today have a home (a place of refuge)

    For me, the protagonist is coming from a place of loneliness despite achieving success & hence it’s not so much a reference to money (as you put it… Earnings) as to company (of well-wishers, like minded people & the love of his life)

    • What I have here is sort of the literal meaning of the song. (In my comment dated Jan 18th 2014, I have a brief interpretation, where I kind of interpret it the way you did.)
      Well that interpretation makes sense if the definition of success is wealth, but then it could also be that he achieved what he wanted to but in his pursuit he ended up not caring about money at all.
      I have this debate with my mom all the time, I feel that one can be rich and not successful and successful but not rich, they seem to go together but they do not necessarily have to, oh well that is my opinion and you are definitely entitled to yours.
      Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to share your thoughts. Much appreciated.

  4. I involved deeply in this beautiful poetry and the softlystyle of singing it by Hariharan. I salute both of two..!

  5. Thanks for the translation. A small correction in the first line translation – I wish I was in a situation/scene/moment/circumstance, where you would be resting your head on my shoulders.
    Also I am admiring the word “Kaash” it is a powerful and apt word for this ghazal – It could literally mean “perhaps” but it is more than that… it is a wish/ a pleasant hope/ a warm desire and at the same time is used to bring out a shade of regret by the singing style and context.
    Thanks for the post Krithya.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, I was too lost in the beauty of the song to take notice I guess.
      Looks like a small mistake, but it takes one from the recieveing end to the giving end. And that is a long journey…a really long one.
      “Kaash”… Indeed its more than just a casual ‘perhaps’, and your description of the word is beautiful šŸ™‚
      Thanks for dropping by.

    • Well let’s see if this makes sense :
      “jama karta jo main aaye hue sang, sar chupaane ke liye ghar hota” – sang literally means accompany or along with, so this line means “had my savings accompanied my earning ” So the implied meaning would be, if I had invested in relationships as they came (like saved some time to spend with people I love), I would have had a comfortable life now. (I would not be running around)

      “is bulandi pe bahut tanha hoon” – bulandi literally means height, but here it refers to success, its the realization that as you become more and more successful, you leave many people behind, sometimes people who you really love and care for (its like saying success comes at a price) and it leads you onto a lonely path where you do not have many peers and friends.

      “warna ek aur qalandar hota” – qalandar literally means a person who has attained such levels of spirituality in life that worldly matters do not trouble the person anymore. So the line in my opinion means. “had I not fallen in love, I would not be involved in this worldly cycle of love and regret, and then the world would see another saint, another qalandar”

      Hope this helps.
      Disclaimer: I don’t claim that this is the exact meaning of the words as they are used in the song. This is just how I see it. The beauty of any kind of literary work is that, the same lines can have different meanings for different people.

  6. Thank you so much!! I don’t know how accurate these translations are because I don’t really speak hindi at all. But it at least provides me some context when listening to this amazing song. I really appreciate all you people translating these lyrics and posting them. I wish I could understand so I could post meanings as well.

    • Thanks Irfaan for the kind words and for dropping by….
      yea I do not claim the translations are super accurate but its just an attempt to convey at least partly what the song means and I make an effort to make sure the meanings of different words when put together make sense to me, before I post the entire meaning here šŸ™‚ !
      Of course with poetry, there is a literal meaning (which I try posting here) and then there is the interpretation which is more profound and probably differs from person to person :)….
      By the way what language do you speak?

      • Hey Krithya!

        The couplet which says “Jama karta jo mein aye hue sang, sar chupaney ko koi ghar hota” would be more accurately described as : “If only i had collected the stones thrown at me (from all people), They would have been enough to build a house in which i could feel safe!”
        and the other one in which he says “Us ne uljha dia hai dunya mein, warna aik aur qalandar hota!” means that “if i were not busy with earning this world i would have been a Qalandar! (the highest of Sufi ranks)” furthermore to Qalandars there have only been 2.5 Qalandars in this world uptil now, 1. Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, 2. Boo Ali Qalandar and .5 Rabia Basri Qalandar (she is considered half Qalandar and that’s a long story šŸ™‚

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