Maiqde bandh karein (kaash) – by Hariharan

Maiqade band karein, laakh zamaane waale , sheher mein kam nahi aankhon se pilaane waale

kaash mujhko bhi laga le tu kabhi seene se , meri tasveer ko seene se lagaane waale

hum yakeen aapke waade pe bhala kaise karein, aap hargiz nahi hai waada nibhaane waale

apne aibon pe nazar jinki nahi hoti hai , aaina unko dikhaate hain zamaane waale

What if people close down all the bars, there are still many people (girls) in town who can intoxicate you with their eyes

I wish you would hold me close someday and give me a tight hug, the way you hold on to my picture right now (to the girl)

How should I trust your promises , when I know you never keep them (to the girl)

When you do not recognize your faults and follies, the world around you makes sure to show you the mirror (to the girl when she leaves him)

(i.e. people behave in the same way as you behave with them)



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