Ye aaine se akele mein (Kaash) – by Hariharan

Ye aaine se akele mein guftagu kya hai , jo main nahi hoon to fir tere rubaroo kya hai

Isi umeed pe kaati hai zindagi maine, wo kaash poochte mujhse ki aarzoo kya hai

Ye rang-e-gul , ye shafaq aur ye taabish-e-anjum, tera jamaal nahi hai to chaarsu kya hai

Kyun unke saamne tum dil ki baat karte ho, jo khud samajhte nahi ki dil ki aabroo kya hai


Who is it that you are talking to staring at the mirror, if its not me who do you think is standing front of you ( the guy calling himself the girls reflection in the mirror)

I am rejecting everthing the world has to offer with a hope, that someday she will come and ask me what I desire ( and my incomplete love will be complete that day and she is all I want in life)

These colour, flowers, the twilight and the twin stars,if this is not beauty then what do you call beautiful ( describing the beauty of the girl by comparing her to dusk, colours, flowers stars etc.)

Why do you talk about the heart in front of her, when she does not even respect the feelings of her own heart (complaining about how she never confesses her feelings even to herself, though she knows she loves him)





5 thoughts on “Ye aaine se akele mein (Kaash) – by Hariharan

    • Thanks for dropping by PensiveTams and thanks for taking the time to comment!
      And I totally agree with you, knowing the meaning/situation of a song always makes it more enjoyable…..

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