3. Bauchar (Love Dale) – dus kahaniyaan

Main kuch kuch bhoolta jaata hoon ab tujhko

Tera chehra bhi dhundhlaane laga hai ab takhayul mein

Badalne lag gaya hai ab wo subah-o-shaam ka ma’amool bhi ,

jismein tujhse milne ka bhi ek ma’amool shamil tha

Tere khat aate rehte the , to mujhko yaad rehte the teri awaaz ke sur bhi , Teri awaaz ko kaagaz pe rakh ke maine chaaha tha ki pin kar loon, wo jaise titliyon ke par laga leta hai koi album mein

Tera bey ko daba kar baat karna, wao par hothon ka challa gol hokar ghoom jaata tha, Bahut din ho gaye dekha nahi, na khat mila koi, bahut din ho gaye sachchi, teri awaaz ki bauchaar mein bheega nahi hoon main

Main kuch kuch bhoolta jaata hoon ab tujhko

I think I am starting to forget you, Your face is also becoming fainter in my fantasies (imagination)

And now my habitual daily rituals are also changing, those rituals where I had set aside time to meet you (meet you in my thoughts, more like think about you)

When I used to receive letters from you, I would remember the sound of your voice, I often thought of pinning your voice to the paper (letter) just like people pin butterfly wings to an album (to preserve them forever)

They way you would press your lips together to pronounce Bey, or the way your lips would make a perfect circle when you said Wow, Its been quite a while since I saw these (you), or since I received a letter from you,

Truly its been quite a while since I got drenched in the rain of your voice

I am starting to forget you gradually

The poem expresses how time and silence between two people can gradually make them forget each other, It makes the concept of “forever” questionable….I guess forgetfulness is our inherent nature and unless constantly replenished by love and remembrance, no memory can last forever !!

It is easier to forget if we desire to let go someone or some memories, but sooner or later, even the memories we so badly want to hold on to will fade away with time. (unless of course someone/something constantly keeps reminded us of them everyday!)

Another thing I loved about this poem is such a small thing – the delicate movements of the lips while pronouncing certain  letters – has been so nicely captured in words! Hats off Gulzar saheb 🙂

*Takhayul – Creative Imagination, ma’amool – Habitual, more like a daily routine

**Bey and Wao are two letters in the Arabic alphabets. (I am guessing that is where they come from) – NO THEY DON’T ! , see comment from ajay for the actual meanings 


5 thoughts on “3. Bauchar (Love Dale) – dus kahaniyaan

  1. Welcome 🙂 Yeah its unusual to find such words in poetry. But using these words make it more personal and reaches to common people, like “chaaha tha ki pin kar loon”.

    And thanks for sharing all the poems and meaning of Dus Kahaniya.

  2. bey and wao are not Arabic words but causal words used in daily conversations. bey is something like chal bey similar to chal re. And wao is nothing but wowww. I am guessing this when I listened the same poem recited by Anupam Kher.

    • Thanks for the correction Ajay!
      I was not expecting words like bey and wow in an urdu poem…thats why I thought they would be the arabic alphabets (but then arabic has baad and “wao”, not bey and wao ….I think I need to review my notes from the arabic class I took a while back :))
      Mistake corrected!

    • You should have atleast consider an urdu native speaker. Bey is ب in arabic which is sound in b. And also wow is و in arabic. He is talking about urdu pronounciation u r absolutely correct. Think about it why would a lover call chal bey and wow as in mesmerizing way of saying something and he would mention it. Very pathetic discription mr. Ajay. U should read more urdu. http://youtu.be/ppi5SN4vejI urdu in gulzars own words. 😊 i hope u wont get offended

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