6. Khaali Samandar (Zahir) – dus kahaniyaan

Use fir laut ke jaana hai ye maloom tha us waqt bhi jab shaam ki surkh-o-sunhari ret par wo daudti aayi thi aur lehraake yun aagosh mein bikhri thi jaise poora ka poora samandar lekar umadi hai

Use jaana hai ye wo bhi jaanti to thi magar har raat fir bhi  haath rakh kar chaand par khaate rahe kasmein

Na main utarunga ab saanson ke saahil  se, na wo utaregi mere aasmaan par jhulte taaron ke peengon se

magar jab kehte kehte daastaan fir waqt ne lambi jamhaayi li, na wo tehari na main rok paaya tha

Bahut phoonka sulagte chaand ko fir bhi use ek ek kala ghat te hue dekha

Bahut kheencha samandar ko magar saahil talak hum laa nahi paaye

Seher ke waqt fir utare hue saahil pe ek dooba hua khaali samandar tha

She knew she had to go back to where she came from even on that evening, when she ran across the dry golden sand like a flowing river right into my arms, as if she rose from the sea with the waves (as if she brought along with her the entire ocean)

She knew she had to leave but still every night we would put our hands on the moon and make promises ( to stay together for eternity just like the moon and stars)

Now, neither can I set my foot on the shores of life (breath), nor will she ever come down from the star studded garden in the sky 

But while narrating the story, when time paused (literally yawned) for a moment, she did not stop (with time), and neither was I able to stop her

I blew air into the descending (burning) moon to prevent it from diminishing, but I saw darkness eat it bit by bit every night

I tried hard to pull the sea but could never get it to the shore ( referring to how the waves that come to the shore only to go back to the sea, the sea never rests at the shore.)

And then at the break of dawn, all I could see was the low lying (or sad) shore which drowned an empty sea.

This story called Zahir has a beautiful message and a heart touching story! Its about how a girl befriends a guy, but does not want to take the relationship any further because of a reason which the guy is unaware of!  However when the guy finds out that the girl is a bar dancer, he loses respect for her and in rage ends up raping her…only to find out later that she has AIDS. The story potrays how anger and disrespect can turn inside and cause harm to one’s own being.

The poem is about how the guys feels when the girl has died or is about to die, and how he is also waiting for his untimely death because of this fatal disease. The poem starts on the note about how the girl knew she was going to die, but still kept up with her life and became friends with him, and how, inspite of knowing that she cannot stay in this world for long they together dreamed of staying together till forever!  However because of this untoward incident, when time seemed to have briefly paused, everything changed, and she did not stop with time and neither can he now bring her back anymore.  He tried against all odds to keep himself alive, but alas he is breathing each day on the shores of life, aware of the fact that soon enough the waves of death will drown him in the vast ocean of emptiness!


5. Khudkhushi ( High on the highway) – dus kahaniyaan

Bas ek lamhe ka jhagda tha,

dar-o-deewar pe aise chanaake se giri awaaz, jaise kaanch girta hai,

har ek shay mein gayi udti hui jalti hui khirchein,

nazar mein baat mein lehje mein soch aur saans ke andar,

lahoo hona tha ek rishtey ka so wo ho gaya us din,

usi awaaz ke tukde uthaake pharsh se us shab kisi ne kaat li nabzein,

na ki awaaz tak kuch bhi ki koi jaag na jaaye ,

bas ek lamhe ka jhagda tha ….

The fight lasted only for a moment,

His voice hit the doors and the walls making a sound as if a glass piece had fallen ( and shattered into pieces)

And into every object entered flying and burning sharp-edged pieces

Into the sight, words, accent, thoughts and even into the breath

A relationship had to end (die) bleeding to death and so it did

And someone collected the pieces of that sound from the floor, and cut his veins

He did not make any noise, thinking someone might wake up

The fight lasted only a moment

This story behind this poem is kind of like Romeo and Juliet. An ugly incident separates the guy and the girl. The guy looks for the girl everywhere, calling her name loudly, and his voice hits the walls and the doors of the room, and is shattered into pieces. As he picks up the broken pieces of  her name ( remembers the time he spent with her) , and the idea that she is not around starts sinking into his eyes, his thoughts and enters into him with every breath he takes, he decides to end his relation with life! because he cannot live without her. He cuts his veins several times. It was all about that one moment when he decides to end his life! (the girl later comes back and finds him dead with blood oozing out of his wrist, only if he had let life win that fight which lasted hardly a moment)
The poem beautifully portrays, the feeling of the guy, when he thinks he has lost the love of his life and the thoughts that run across his mind when he is about to commit suicide. It’s probably true, it only takes a moment, it is all about that one weak moment, when in the fight between the will to live and the wish to die, death wins over life!

All I can say is choose life! well its hard, but at the end, it’s not about how things shape up for you, but how you shape up the lives of those around you, in the end it’s not about having a successful career or a successful love story or finding perpetual happiness, it’s about how many lives you touch, how many smiles you bring and how much hope you can give! If ever at some point I feel dying is easier than living, I will choose to live, and let Life win, because I don’t know what is in store for me after I die, and haven’t you heard “known devils are always better than unknown angels” 🙂 🙂 🙂

(Khudkhushi : suicide, Voice : Diya Mirza, Lyrics : Gulzar )

4. Hatak (Strangers in the Night) – dus kahaniyaan

aalay bharva do meri aankhon ke, band karva ke unpe taale laga do

jism ki jumbishon pe pehle hi tumne ehkaam baandh rakhein hain, meri awaaz reng kar nikalti hai,

dhaanp kar jism paradon mein, dar dareechon pe pehre rakhte ho

fikr rehti hai raat din tumko, koi samaan chori na kar le

ek chota sa kaam aur karo, apni ungli dubo kar rogan mein, tum mere jism par likh do,

iske jumla-haqooq ab tumhare hain …iske saare haq ab tumhare hain

(referring to eyes as a house), Fill all the room in my eyes, and shut them up and put locks on them

You already have such strict orders in place to restrict me from moving, that even my voice needs to crawl to get out of my body (and be heard),

You covered me with several layers of clothing and still have security at every door and window, 

You are scared  day and night, that something you own (referring her body) might be stolen (as if I am nothing more than a precious thing you own)

Since you already do so much, just do one small thing, dip your finger in rogan (red color) write on my body,

That every thing in it belongs to you, that you own all the rights to my body.

This one’s about a wife who is fed up of her husband’s insecurities and his thought of relating to her only in terms of sensual pleasures and not as a relationship between two human beings. Here she suggests, that since she treats her nothing more than a body he owns or a piece of flesh, which gives him pleasure and which he is scared may be stolen, why doesn’t he just write on her body that he owns her.

And by the way Hatak means insult or humiliation. (Voice: Neha Dhupia, Lyrics : Gulzaar)

Jiyein kyun (movie : dam maaro dam)

(Sweet nothings that you miss when someone dear to you leaves..and you are left all alone, when you return to an empty house in the evening and have long lonely night to spend before its day again….:( )

Na aaye ho naa aaoge, na phone pe bulaoge, naa shaam ki karaari chaai labon se yun pilaoge

na aaye ho naa aaoge, na din dhale sataoge, na raat ki nashili bye se neend mein jagaoge

gaye tum gaye ho kyun, raat baaki hai , gaye tum gaye ho kyun saath baaki hai

gaye tum gaye hum tham gaye har baat baaki hai

gaye kyun, jiyein kyun

naa aaye ho naa aaoge, na dooriyaan dikhaoge, na thaam ke wo josh mein yun hosh se udaoge

na aaye ho na aaoge na jhoot se sunaoge, na rooth ke sirhaane mein remote ko chupaoge

gaye tum gaye ho kyun , raat baaki hai ….

aankh bhi tham gayi na thaki, raat bhi na bati na kati, raat bhi chedti waarti ,

neend bhi lut gayi chin gayi,raat bhi na sahi na rahi, raat bhi laazmi zaalimi

gaye tum gaye ho kyun …

na aaye ho naa aaoge , na phone pe bulaoge, na shaam ki karaari chaai labon se yun churaoge

You did not come, (I know)You will not come, Neither will you call me on my phone, nor will you let me sip the strong evening tea from your lips

You did not come ( I know) You will not come, Neither will you start flirting at dusk, nor will you wake me up to bid good-bye when you leave at night

Why did you have to leave, the night is not over,  why did you have to leave, there is so much left to talk about,

When you left, my life just came to a halt, Why did you leave, Why should I live

You did not come, (I know) you will not come, Neither will you show that you are sad because of your distances, nor will you hold me tightly in your arms and sweep me off my feet,

You did not come, (I know) you will not come, Neither will you give me any excuses, nor pick a fight with me and hide the remote under your pillow

Why did you have to leave…..

My eyes have stopped blinking as they wait tirelessly, The night also does not break (into dawn) nor pass, The night just keeps teasing and hurting me

I have lost my sleep, someone snatched it from me, The night is intolerable and endless, The tyrant night which I somehow must tolerate (alone)

Why did you have to leave me…..

You did not come, (I know)You will not come, Neither will you call me on my phone, nor will you steal a sip of the strong evening tea from my lips

Aisa koi zindagi se waada to nahi tha – sung by Roop kumar Rathod

Aisa koi zindagi se waada to nahi tha, Tere bina jeene ka iraada to nahi tha

Tere liye raaton mein chandani ugaayi thi, kyaariyon mein khushboo-on ki roshni lagayi thi

Jaane kahan tooti hai dor mere khwaab ki, khaab se jaagenge socha to nahi tha

Shaamiyaane shaamon ke roz hi sajaaye the, kitni umeedon ke mehmaan bulaye the

Aake darwaaze se laut gaye ho, yun bhi koi aayega socha to nahi tha


Literal Meaning :

I did not make any such promise to life, I never wanted to live without you

It is for you that I asked the moonlight to shine during the night, and sprayed fragrances on the flowers,

I did not realize when the string holding my dream broke, I never thought I would have to wake up from this beautiful dream

I did put up tents every evening , and invited several guests with a lot of  hope (that you would come)

You came till my doorstep and left, I never thought I would ever have a guest like this


Since the day you left me, every night I dream about making preparations for your arrival and then suddenly I wake up and I am left with pieces of a broken dream, a dream that I know will always remain so, that which will never come true. Every evening, I decorate the house, and invite people over hoping that someday you will drop by, but I never realized you did come, but you left from the door step, I never thought I would have such a guest who would leave even before coming in.

Phir wahi shaam

As I opened the blinds on my window this evening to this warm glow of  the setting sun, I started humming this song (from the movie Jahaan Ara sung by Talat Mahmood.) and yet again started missing you 😦

Phir wahi shaam , wahi gham, wahi tanhayi hai, Dil ko samjhane teri yaad chali aayi

Phir tasavvur tere pehloo mein bitha jayega, Fir gaya waqt ghadi bhar ko palat aayega

Dil behel jayega , aakhir ko to saudayi hai

Jaane ab tujhse mulaqaat kabhi ho ke na ho, Jo adhoori rahi wo baat kabhi ho ke na ho

Meri manzil teri manzil se bichad aayi hai

Its the same evening, the same sadness and the same loneliness, however your memories have come over to (give me company and)  lighten my heart.

My imagination will again allow me to enjoy sitting in your arms,  and for a moment those beautiful times we spent together will come back,

And my heart will finally be at peace , after all its like a businessman ( as in you give it thoughts it likes or profits from and it becomes peaceful again)

I don’t know if I will ever be able to meet you again, or if those unspoken words between us will ever be spoken

Because seems like my destiny left yours when we parted (implying we might never cross roads again)