Phir wahi shaam

As I opened the blinds on my window this evening to this warm glow of  the setting sun, I started humming this song (from the movie Jahaan Ara sung by Talat Mahmood.) and yet again started missing you 😦

Phir wahi shaam , wahi gham, wahi tanhayi hai, Dil ko samjhane teri yaad chali aayi

Phir tasavvur tere pehloo mein bitha jayega, Fir gaya waqt ghadi bhar ko palat aayega

Dil behel jayega , aakhir ko to saudayi hai

Jaane ab tujhse mulaqaat kabhi ho ke na ho, Jo adhoori rahi wo baat kabhi ho ke na ho

Meri manzil teri manzil se bichad aayi hai

Its the same evening, the same sadness and the same loneliness, however your memories have come over to (give me company and)  lighten my heart.

My imagination will again allow me to enjoy sitting in your arms,  and for a moment those beautiful times we spent together will come back,

And my heart will finally be at peace , after all its like a businessman ( as in you give it thoughts it likes or profits from and it becomes peaceful again)

I don’t know if I will ever be able to meet you again, or if those unspoken words between us will ever be spoken

Because seems like my destiny left yours when we parted (implying we might never cross roads again) 


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