4. Hatak (Strangers in the Night) – dus kahaniyaan

aalay bharva do meri aankhon ke, band karva ke unpe taale laga do

jism ki jumbishon pe pehle hi tumne ehkaam baandh rakhein hain, meri awaaz reng kar nikalti hai,

dhaanp kar jism paradon mein, dar dareechon pe pehre rakhte ho

fikr rehti hai raat din tumko, koi samaan chori na kar le

ek chota sa kaam aur karo, apni ungli dubo kar rogan mein, tum mere jism par likh do,

iske jumla-haqooq ab tumhare hain …iske saare haq ab tumhare hain

(referring to eyes as a house), Fill all the room in my eyes, and shut them up and put locks on them

You already have such strict orders in place to restrict me from moving, that even my voice needs to crawl to get out of my body (and be heard),

You covered me with several layers of clothing and still have security at every door and window, 

You are scared  day and night, that something you own (referring her body) might be stolen (as if I am nothing more than a precious thing you own)

Since you already do so much, just do one small thing, dip your finger in rogan (red color) write on my body,

That every thing in it belongs to you, that you own all the rights to my body.

This one’s about a wife who is fed up of her husband’s insecurities and his thought of relating to her only in terms of sensual pleasures and not as a relationship between two human beings. Here she suggests, that since she treats her nothing more than a body he owns or a piece of flesh, which gives him pleasure and which he is scared may be stolen, why doesn’t he just write on her body that he owns her.

And by the way Hatak means insult or humiliation. (Voice: Neha Dhupia, Lyrics : Gulzaar)


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