5. Khudkhushi ( High on the highway) – dus kahaniyaan

Bas ek lamhe ka jhagda tha,

dar-o-deewar pe aise chanaake se giri awaaz, jaise kaanch girta hai,

har ek shay mein gayi udti hui jalti hui khirchein,

nazar mein baat mein lehje mein soch aur saans ke andar,

lahoo hona tha ek rishtey ka so wo ho gaya us din,

usi awaaz ke tukde uthaake pharsh se us shab kisi ne kaat li nabzein,

na ki awaaz tak kuch bhi ki koi jaag na jaaye ,

bas ek lamhe ka jhagda tha ….

The fight lasted only for a moment,

His voice hit the doors and the walls making a sound as if a glass piece had fallen ( and shattered into pieces)

And into every object entered flying and burning sharp-edged pieces

Into the sight, words, accent, thoughts and even into the breath

A relationship had to end (die) bleeding to death and so it did

And someone collected the pieces of that sound from the floor, and cut his veins

He did not make any noise, thinking someone might wake up

The fight lasted only a moment

This story behind this poem is kind of like Romeo and Juliet. An ugly incident separates the guy and the girl. The guy looks for the girl everywhere, calling her name loudly, and his voice hits the walls and the doors of the room, and is shattered into pieces. As he picks up the broken pieces of  her name ( remembers the time he spent with her) , and the idea that she is not around starts sinking into his eyes, his thoughts and enters into him with every breath he takes, he decides to end his relation with life! because he cannot live without her. He cuts his veins several times. It was all about that one moment when he decides to end his life! (the girl later comes back and finds him dead with blood oozing out of his wrist, only if he had let life win that fight which lasted hardly a moment)
The poem beautifully portrays, the feeling of the guy, when he thinks he has lost the love of his life and the thoughts that run across his mind when he is about to commit suicide. It’s probably true, it only takes a moment, it is all about that one weak moment, when in the fight between the will to live and the wish to die, death wins over life!

All I can say is choose life! well its hard, but at the end, it’s not about how things shape up for you, but how you shape up the lives of those around you, in the end it’s not about having a successful career or a successful love story or finding perpetual happiness, it’s about how many lives you touch, how many smiles you bring and how much hope you can give! If ever at some point I feel dying is easier than living, I will choose to live, and let Life win, because I don’t know what is in store for me after I die, and haven’t you heard “known devils are always better than unknown angels” 🙂 🙂 🙂

(Khudkhushi : suicide, Voice : Diya Mirza, Lyrics : Gulzar )


3 thoughts on “5. Khudkhushi ( High on the highway) – dus kahaniyaan

  1. Beautiful thought “it’s about how many lives you touch, how many smiles you bring and how much hope you can give!”

    Reminds me of dialog from movie Bucket List.

    Carter Chambers: [to Edward, of the two questions asked of the dead by the gods at the entrance to heaven]
    Have you found joy in your life?
    Has your life brought joy to others?

    • Thanks Ajay!
      I have heard about that movie Bucket List from friends, but haven’t watched it yet! but those two questions are so profound and at the end that is all that matters 🙂 thanks for sharing 😀

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