6. Khaali Samandar (Zahir) – dus kahaniyaan

Use fir laut ke jaana hai ye maloom tha us waqt bhi jab shaam ki surkh-o-sunhari ret par wo daudti aayi thi aur lehraake yun aagosh mein bikhri thi jaise poora ka poora samandar lekar umadi hai

Use jaana hai ye wo bhi jaanti to thi magar har raat fir bhi  haath rakh kar chaand par khaate rahe kasmein

Na main utarunga ab saanson ke saahil  se, na wo utaregi mere aasmaan par jhulte taaron ke peengon se

magar jab kehte kehte daastaan fir waqt ne lambi jamhaayi li, na wo tehari na main rok paaya tha

Bahut phoonka sulagte chaand ko fir bhi use ek ek kala ghat te hue dekha

Bahut kheencha samandar ko magar saahil talak hum laa nahi paaye

Seher ke waqt fir utare hue saahil pe ek dooba hua khaali samandar tha

She knew she had to go back to where she came from even on that evening, when she ran across the dry golden sand like a flowing river right into my arms, as if she rose from the sea with the waves (as if she brought along with her the entire ocean)

She knew she had to leave but still every night we would put our hands on the moon and make promises ( to stay together for eternity just like the moon and stars)

Now, neither can I set my foot on the shores of life (breath), nor will she ever come down from the star studded garden in the sky 

But while narrating the story, when time paused (literally yawned) for a moment, she did not stop (with time), and neither was I able to stop her

I blew air into the descending (burning) moon to prevent it from diminishing, but I saw darkness eat it bit by bit every night

I tried hard to pull the sea but could never get it to the shore ( referring to how the waves that come to the shore only to go back to the sea, the sea never rests at the shore.)

And then at the break of dawn, all I could see was the low lying (or sad) shore which drowned an empty sea.

This story called Zahir has a beautiful message and a heart touching story! Its about how a girl befriends a guy, but does not want to take the relationship any further because of a reason which the guy is unaware of!  However when the guy finds out that the girl is a bar dancer, he loses respect for her and in rage ends up raping her…only to find out later that she has AIDS. The story potrays how anger and disrespect can turn inside and cause harm to one’s own being.

The poem is about how the guys feels when the girl has died or is about to die, and how he is also waiting for his untimely death because of this fatal disease. The poem starts on the note about how the girl knew she was going to die, but still kept up with her life and became friends with him, and how, inspite of knowing that she cannot stay in this world for long they together dreamed of staying together till forever!  However because of this untoward incident, when time seemed to have briefly paused, everything changed, and she did not stop with time and neither can he now bring her back anymore.  He tried against all odds to keep himself alive, but alas he is breathing each day on the shores of life, aware of the fact that soon enough the waves of death will drown him in the vast ocean of emptiness!


6 thoughts on “6. Khaali Samandar (Zahir) – dus kahaniyaan

  1. hi.. m so glad to find the lyrics of Gulzar saheb’s poems here on your blog.. but there is a correction i would like to suggest…
    “Na main utarunga ab saanson ke saahil se, na wo utaregi mere aasmaan par jhulte taaron ke Peengon se”…

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