That moment when you are humming a tune but cannot recall how the song goes

Have you ever experienced this : You start humming a part of a song, and realize you only remember a phrase of the lyrics and are not able to recall the first line, you know the tune, and the lyrics seem to be right there in front of you, you are almost there but still you cannot figure it out,

restless and curious you run to google for help (as a kid I would try straining my memory, but with google around, I see that is a long forgotten trait, trying to memorize or remember things),

Anyway, with high expectations and anticipation, you key in that one phrase, the few words you remember and click enter…..and sigh, no one ever bothered to post the lyrics of the song, and all you get is your search phrase scattered in three lines or four in some funny SMS, or a shayari, or a poem or a story, but the song, the song…. the next button clicked several times, your patience being tested, and all you have is pages after pages of information but not what you are looking for!

The persistent few would call friends, siblings, family till they finally have what they are looking for and the ones with little or no time in hand will just give up.

And then one fine morning, ooh la la la, suddenly you find yourself humming the tune again, and this time the right lines, and probably the entire song,  as if while you were asleep, someone just found those words for you and put them in a place in your neural network where you can find them easily. 🙂

And you smile that victorious smile, and the people around you might be perplexed seeing your expression but deep down you feel no less than a warrior who just won a battle :)….

And why exactly am I writing this, because this is exactly what happened to me yesterday …

I kept humming… safar janmon se lamba hai agar….and that’s all, I could not recall the song until this morning when I was at work. I definitely was not thinking about the song, when suddenly it seemed like, Mitali Singh ( the singer) just whispered the song into my ears…tu saath chal… So for those of you who still cannot recall or have never heard the song before, and also for all those who get caught in a situation like me, I hope Google brings you here to the lyrics of the song and a link to the youtube video- Tu saath chal….

enjoy and have a great day


Tu saath chal – Lyrics and translation


A beautiful, romantic and soulful song by Bhupinder Singh and Mitali Singh!

Banke mera humkadam, tu saath chal,

Kuch to ho tanhayi kam, tu saath chal

Yun to hai kitne hi humrahi magar,

Hai safar mein dost kam, tu saath chal

Ye safar janmon se lamba hai agar,

Aarzoo hai har janam tu saath chal

Be the one who always walks by my side, walk with me

Atleast some of my loneliness will subside, walk with me

There are several people who walk the road along with me

But in this journey there are very few friends, walk with me

If this journey is longer than my lifetime,

I wish every time I am born,you walk with me

The translation might make the song sound too simple, probably to the point of being ordinary, but listen to it and you will experience the magic 🙂  – Tu saath chal

Dus Kahaniyaan ….

Finally I finished listening, understanding and translating all the poems from this collection. The poems have been written by Gulzar Saheb, and the translations are as close as I can get to the meaning with my meager Urdu knowledge, and the interpretations are my interpretations after watching the movie and listening to each poem over and over again 🙂 Not like a Big achievement, but still feels good ..yaaay

1. Raat taamir karein (Puranmashi)

2. Tere utare hue din (Gubbare)

3. Bauchar ( Love Dale)

4. Hatak ( Stangers in the Night)

5. Khudkhushi ( High on the highway)

6. Khaali Samandar (Zahir)

7. Mujhe talaash nahi hai ( Sex on the Beach)

8. Talaaq (Matrimony)

9. Der aayad ( Rice Plate)

10. Chaal chalo tum ( Rise and Fall)

To all fellow readers who drop by :

If you find any misplaced/misspelled words, or wrongly expressed meanings,  feel free to leave a comment. I am always up for learning new things and correcting old mistakes 🙂

10. Chaal Chalo Tum (Rise and Fall) – dus kahaniyaan

Chaal chalo tum, kaale aur safed gharon mein hi shatranj ye kheli jaati hai

ismein teesra rang nahi hai , aamne saamne hai jo bhi hai

aankh chura ke bach sakte ho lekin kitni der bhala

ghero warna ghir jaoge

zad mein aa jaye to maaro, zad mein ho to maarke apni jagah bana lo

chaal chalo ab , chaal chalo tum!

Play your turn, Its only in white and black blocks that this game of chess is played,

There is no third color in it, whatever there is to it is right in front of you

Yes you can hide if you want, but how long can you do that

If you do not surround the enemy, you will be surrounded by them soon

If they are struck, kill them , If you are struck, then kill the enemy to make place for yourself

Play the turn now, play your turn.

This story describes how the underworld works, how gangs kill each other and the one who survives emerges as the leader. Its like the game of chess, where everything the rules are transparent, and once you are in the game, you can hide if you want to (i.e. play it safe) but not for a long time. Eventually you will have to kill to survive, if you do not finish the opponent, you will be finished. So either you kill your opponents and take their place, or you kill the opponent and move forward, either ways you cannot escape! It’s all about how rules, rulers, and kingdoms shift from one party to another depending on what strategy one uses to play the game when its their turn! Once you are in it, you either win or you die, there is no third way out.

9. Der aayad (Rice Plate) – dus kahaniyaan

aath hi billion umr zameen ki hogi shayad , aisa hi kuch andaaza hai science ka

chaar ashaliya cheh billion saalon ki umr to beet chuki hai

kitni der laga di tumne aane mein

aur ab milkar kis duniya ki duniyadaari soch rahi ho

kis mazhab aur zaat aur paat ki fikr lagi hai

aao chalein ab teen hi billion saal bache hain

aath hi billion umr zameen ki hogi shayad

Earth’s lifespan must be around 8 billion years

according to estimations of science,

Close to four to six billion have already passed,

It took you so long to arrive on the earth

And now that you are here,

And now even as we meet, what world and worldly affairs are you thinking about

What religion and caste are you worried about,

Come lets walk together now, There are only three billion years left,

Earth’s lifespan must be around 8 billion years

This is another wonderful story played out beautifully by two awesome actors, Shabana Azmi and Naseerudin Shah.  Shabana Azmi hails  from a Hindu Brahmin family and strongly believes in her religion to the extent of hating people of other religions. She looks for a cab with a hindu driver only, goes to restaurants run by hindus etc. etc. The story starts with Shabana Azmi getting ready to take the train to go meet her grandchildren. She arrives at the station and decides to have a “rice plate” for lunch. So she orders one and heads towards the restroom to wash her hands. On returning, she to her table she finds Naseeruddin shah (a Muslim guy in the movie) sitting at her place and having food from her plate. She fights with him and finally in anger snatches the plate from him and eats the rice realizing only minutes later that she is sharing the her food and table with a Muslim guy.  Irritated and angry she gets up to leave, when she finds her rice plate and luggage on another table.  She then realizes how patient and nice  Naseerudin Shah was to allow her eat from his plate without making any fuss, and now she starts to feel bad about hating people of other religions all this while.

The poem captures this very vemotion, that we humans came into existence long after the earth came into being. And now there isn’t much time left for us on Earth either. So why are we still caught up in petty issues of caste, color, race, religion. All of us belong to one race, the human race, and so what is the point in wasting time worrying about things that do not really matter. We should all realize this and walk together towards the future whatever it may be. None of us and not even the Earth we live in is going to be here forever, so why can’t we just forget these differences and live as one.

How I wish people could understand this simple fact, most if not all the world problems would come to an end!

8. Talaaq (Matrimony) – dus kahaniyaan

Waqt ko jitna goondh sake hum goondh liya,

aate ki mikhdaar kabhi badh bhi jaati

bhook magar ek hadd se aage badhti nahi

pet ke maaron ki aisi hi haalat hai , bhar jaaye to dastarkhaan se uth jaate hain

aao ab uth jaayein dono, koi kachehri ka khoonta do insaano ko dastarkhaan pe kab tak baandh ke rakh sakta hai

kaanooni mohron se kab rukte hain ya kat te hain rishtey,

rishtey raashan card to nahi

Waqt ko jitna goondh sake hum goondh liya

We kneaded time as much as we could,  the amount of  flour can be increased sometimes,

but hunger does not increase beyond a certain limit

This is the condition of  the ones whose decisions are governed by how hungry they are

Whenever they are full , they just leave the dining area

Let us also leave, no legal nail can pin and hold us to the dining space

When have official stamps been able to sustain or break relationships, After all relationships are not like ration cards

We kneaded time together as much as we could!

The poem is about a married couple, who stay together in the same house, but only pretend to be together, dragging a relationship along with them which does not interest either of them. Both husband and wife have found company outside the house, but they hide it from each other. It is only at the end of the story that the wife comes to know about her husband’s extra marital affair, but can she blame him when she herself  is also in a relationship with someone else? This poem is probably about this legal relationship that the two share but they do not connect emotionally.

The poem uses kneading flour (to prepare food) to satisfy hunger as an analogy to the time the husband and wife spend with each other and their desire to stay together!  They did spend as much time together as they could,  there are times when they might have spent long hours together, but the desire to stay with each other does not always last as long. So it is only till the desire is fulfilled or satisfied would the two like to stay with each other, such is the fate of relationships which are governed only by each individuals desire.  And once they loose interest they just decide to leave each other, or stick around, and stay together even though actually they are already miles apart. No legal document or court order can decide when should a couple be considered married and when they should not be, because the matters of the heart cannot be woven or broken by a mere piece of paper.  Marriages are not like ration cards that come with an expiry date and can be renewed and be used according to the rules laid out by the court!  So when you know that there is no desire to spend any more time together (the flour is kneaded enough as much as one can),  people should take their own decisions of discontinuing their relationships and not wait for the court to give the verdict!

7. Mujhe talash nahi hai (Sex on the Beach) – dus kahaniyaan

Mujhe talash nahi hai magar wo milti hai,

kisi khayal ke jumbish-e-aarzoo ki tarah jiska koi chehra nahi

koi bagula hawa ka zameen se udta hua,

ya roshni ho kahin aur ek saya bahut paas gire

kitaab kholun to kirdaar gir  pade koi,

main jaanta bhi nahi ki kaun hai magar vaabista hai mujhse

mujhe talaash nahi hai magar wo milti hai

I do not go searching for her, but she still meets me,

Just like a fleeting thought, that is difficult to identify (literally does not have a face of its own)

Or like a stork that just took off from the land and vanished into the air

Or like there is an unknown source of  light somewhere, and all I see is her shadow close to me

Like I just opened a book and a character fell off the book (and came to life)

I do not know who she is, but it still feels like she is connected to me

I do not go in search of her, but still she meets me

This poem is based on the story from dus kahaniyaan called “Sex on the beach”, its about a woman who meets men on a beach and how later all of them find out that she is dead, and soon the men also die of fear or they drown in the sea.

The poem speaks about the feeling of a man when he first notices the woman, she just appears out of nowhere and he has no clue who she is, but he feels connected to her and follows her unto death!

Mujhe talash nahi hai , voice: Manoj Vajpai