7. Mujhe talash nahi hai (Sex on the Beach) – dus kahaniyaan

Mujhe talash nahi hai magar wo milti hai,

kisi khayal ke jumbish-e-aarzoo ki tarah jiska koi chehra nahi

koi bagula hawa ka zameen se udta hua,

ya roshni ho kahin aur ek saya bahut paas gire

kitaab kholun to kirdaar gir  pade koi,

main jaanta bhi nahi ki kaun hai magar vaabista hai mujhse

mujhe talaash nahi hai magar wo milti hai

I do not go searching for her, but she still meets me,

Just like a fleeting thought, that is difficult to identify (literally does not have a face of its own)

Or like a stork that just took off from the land and vanished into the air

Or like there is an unknown source of  light somewhere, and all I see is her shadow close to me

Like I just opened a book and a character fell off the book (and came to life)

I do not know who she is, but it still feels like she is connected to me

I do not go in search of her, but still she meets me

This poem is based on the story from dus kahaniyaan called “Sex on the beach”, its about a woman who meets men on a beach and how later all of them find out that she is dead, and soon the men also die of fear or they drown in the sea.

The poem speaks about the feeling of a man when he first notices the woman, she just appears out of nowhere and he has no clue who she is, but he feels connected to her and follows her unto death!

Mujhe talash nahi hai , voice: Manoj Vajpai


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