8. Talaaq (Matrimony) – dus kahaniyaan

Waqt ko jitna goondh sake hum goondh liya,

aate ki mikhdaar kabhi badh bhi jaati

bhook magar ek hadd se aage badhti nahi

pet ke maaron ki aisi hi haalat hai , bhar jaaye to dastarkhaan se uth jaate hain

aao ab uth jaayein dono, koi kachehri ka khoonta do insaano ko dastarkhaan pe kab tak baandh ke rakh sakta hai

kaanooni mohron se kab rukte hain ya kat te hain rishtey,

rishtey raashan card to nahi

Waqt ko jitna goondh sake hum goondh liya

We kneaded time as much as we could,  the amount of  flour can be increased sometimes,

but hunger does not increase beyond a certain limit

This is the condition of  the ones whose decisions are governed by how hungry they are

Whenever they are full , they just leave the dining area

Let us also leave, no legal nail can pin and hold us to the dining space

When have official stamps been able to sustain or break relationships, After all relationships are not like ration cards

We kneaded time together as much as we could!

The poem is about a married couple, who stay together in the same house, but only pretend to be together, dragging a relationship along with them which does not interest either of them. Both husband and wife have found company outside the house, but they hide it from each other. It is only at the end of the story that the wife comes to know about her husband’s extra marital affair, but can she blame him when she herself  is also in a relationship with someone else? This poem is probably about this legal relationship that the two share but they do not connect emotionally.

The poem uses kneading flour (to prepare food) to satisfy hunger as an analogy to the time the husband and wife spend with each other and their desire to stay together!  They did spend as much time together as they could,  there are times when they might have spent long hours together, but the desire to stay with each other does not always last as long. So it is only till the desire is fulfilled or satisfied would the two like to stay with each other, such is the fate of relationships which are governed only by each individuals desire.  And once they loose interest they just decide to leave each other, or stick around, and stay together even though actually they are already miles apart. No legal document or court order can decide when should a couple be considered married and when they should not be, because the matters of the heart cannot be woven or broken by a mere piece of paper.  Marriages are not like ration cards that come with an expiry date and can be renewed and be used according to the rules laid out by the court!  So when you know that there is no desire to spend any more time together (the flour is kneaded enough as much as one can),  people should take their own decisions of discontinuing their relationships and not wait for the court to give the verdict!


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