9. Der aayad (Rice Plate) – dus kahaniyaan

aath hi billion umr zameen ki hogi shayad , aisa hi kuch andaaza hai science ka

chaar ashaliya cheh billion saalon ki umr to beet chuki hai

kitni der laga di tumne aane mein

aur ab milkar kis duniya ki duniyadaari soch rahi ho

kis mazhab aur zaat aur paat ki fikr lagi hai

aao chalein ab teen hi billion saal bache hain

aath hi billion umr zameen ki hogi shayad

Earth’s lifespan must be around 8 billion years

according to estimations of science,

Close to four to six billion have already passed,

It took you so long to arrive on the earth

And now that you are here,

And now even as we meet, what world and worldly affairs are you thinking about

What religion and caste are you worried about,

Come lets walk together now, There are only three billion years left,

Earth’s lifespan must be around 8 billion years

This is another wonderful story played out beautifully by two awesome actors, Shabana Azmi and Naseerudin Shah.  Shabana Azmi hails  from a Hindu Brahmin family and strongly believes in her religion to the extent of hating people of other religions. She looks for a cab with a hindu driver only, goes to restaurants run by hindus etc. etc. The story starts with Shabana Azmi getting ready to take the train to go meet her grandchildren. She arrives at the station and decides to have a “rice plate” for lunch. So she orders one and heads towards the restroom to wash her hands. On returning, she to her table she finds Naseeruddin shah (a Muslim guy in the movie) sitting at her place and having food from her plate. She fights with him and finally in anger snatches the plate from him and eats the rice realizing only minutes later that she is sharing the her food and table with a Muslim guy.  Irritated and angry she gets up to leave, when she finds her rice plate and luggage on another table.  She then realizes how patient and nice  Naseerudin Shah was to allow her eat from his plate without making any fuss, and now she starts to feel bad about hating people of other religions all this while.

The poem captures this very vemotion, that we humans came into existence long after the earth came into being. And now there isn’t much time left for us on Earth either. So why are we still caught up in petty issues of caste, color, race, religion. All of us belong to one race, the human race, and so what is the point in wasting time worrying about things that do not really matter. We should all realize this and walk together towards the future whatever it may be. None of us and not even the Earth we live in is going to be here forever, so why can’t we just forget these differences and live as one.

How I wish people could understand this simple fact, most if not all the world problems would come to an end!


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