10. Chaal Chalo Tum (Rise and Fall) – dus kahaniyaan

Chaal chalo tum, kaale aur safed gharon mein hi shatranj ye kheli jaati hai

ismein teesra rang nahi hai , aamne saamne hai jo bhi hai

aankh chura ke bach sakte ho lekin kitni der bhala

ghero warna ghir jaoge

zad mein aa jaye to maaro, zad mein ho to maarke apni jagah bana lo

chaal chalo ab , chaal chalo tum!

Play your turn, Its only in white and black blocks that this game of chess is played,

There is no third color in it, whatever there is to it is right in front of you

Yes you can hide if you want, but how long can you do that

If you do not surround the enemy, you will be surrounded by them soon

If they are struck, kill them , If you are struck, then kill the enemy to make place for yourself

Play the turn now, play your turn.

This story describes how the underworld works, how gangs kill each other and the one who survives emerges as the leader. Its like the game of chess, where everything the rules are transparent, and once you are in the game, you can hide if you want to (i.e. play it safe) but not for a long time. Eventually you will have to kill to survive, if you do not finish the opponent, you will be finished. So either you kill your opponents and take their place, or you kill the opponent and move forward, either ways you cannot escape! It’s all about how rules, rulers, and kingdoms shift from one party to another depending on what strategy one uses to play the game when its their turn! Once you are in it, you either win or you die, there is no third way out.


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