Dus Kahaniyaan ….

Finally I finished listening, understanding and translating all the poems from this collection. The poems have been written by Gulzar Saheb, and the translations are as close as I can get to the meaning with my meager Urdu knowledge, and the interpretations are my interpretations after watching the movie and listening to each poem over and over again 🙂 Not like a Big achievement, but still feels good ..yaaay

1. Raat taamir karein (Puranmashi)

2. Tere utare hue din (Gubbare)

3. Bauchar ( Love Dale)

4. Hatak ( Stangers in the Night)

5. Khudkhushi ( High on the highway)

6. Khaali Samandar (Zahir)

7. Mujhe talaash nahi hai ( Sex on the Beach)

8. Talaaq (Matrimony)

9. Der aayad ( Rice Plate)

10. Chaal chalo tum ( Rise and Fall)

To all fellow readers who drop by :

If you find any misplaced/misspelled words, or wrongly expressed meanings,  feel free to leave a comment. I am always up for learning new things and correcting old mistakes 🙂


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