That moment when you are humming a tune but cannot recall how the song goes

Have you ever experienced this : You start humming a part of a song, and realize you only remember a phrase of the lyrics and are not able to recall the first line, you know the tune, and the lyrics seem to be right there in front of you, you are almost there but still you cannot figure it out,

restless and curious you run to google for help (as a kid I would try straining my memory, but with google around, I see that is a long forgotten trait, trying to memorize or remember things),

Anyway, with high expectations and anticipation, you key in that one phrase, the few words you remember and click enter…..and sigh, no one ever bothered to post the lyrics of the song, and all you get is your search phrase scattered in three lines or four in some funny SMS, or a shayari, or a poem or a story, but the song, the song…. the next button clicked several times, your patience being tested, and all you have is pages after pages of information but not what you are looking for!

The persistent few would call friends, siblings, family till they finally have what they are looking for and the ones with little or no time in hand will just give up.

And then one fine morning, ooh la la la, suddenly you find yourself humming the tune again, and this time the right lines, and probably the entire song,  as if while you were asleep, someone just found those words for you and put them in a place in your neural network where you can find them easily. 🙂

And you smile that victorious smile, and the people around you might be perplexed seeing your expression but deep down you feel no less than a warrior who just won a battle :)….

And why exactly am I writing this, because this is exactly what happened to me yesterday …

I kept humming… safar janmon se lamba hai agar….and that’s all, I could not recall the song until this morning when I was at work. I definitely was not thinking about the song, when suddenly it seemed like, Mitali Singh ( the singer) just whispered the song into my ears…tu saath chal… So for those of you who still cannot recall or have never heard the song before, and also for all those who get caught in a situation like me, I hope Google brings you here to the lyrics of the song and a link to the youtube video- Tu saath chal….

enjoy and have a great day


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