Tu saath chal – Lyrics and translation


A beautiful, romantic and soulful song by Bhupinder Singh and Mitali Singh!

Banke mera humkadam, tu saath chal,

Kuch to ho tanhayi kam, tu saath chal

Yun to hai kitne hi humrahi magar,

Hai safar mein dost kam, tu saath chal

Ye safar janmon se lamba hai agar,

Aarzoo hai har janam tu saath chal

Be the one who always walks by my side, walk with me

Atleast some of my loneliness will subside, walk with me

There are several people who walk the road along with me

But in this journey there are very few friends, walk with me

If this journey is longer than my lifetime,

I wish every time I am born,you walk with me

The translation might make the song sound too simple, probably to the point of being ordinary, but listen to it and you will experience the magic 🙂  – Tu saath chal


3 thoughts on “Tu saath chal – Lyrics and translation

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