Picasa photo editor : My new toy!

I have always loved taking pictures but was not very much into photo editing. I thought its just not my style, and also that its something only those cool guys who know Photoshop can do, and boy Photoshop is expensive even if you leave the complicated part aside. 🙂 …..

but now I found a new toy, Picasa, and it really does wonders! Yea I know I am slow, Picasa has been around for quite a while now, but to me its my own little exciting discovery 😀

And this is my first Picasa edited and patched picture….I thought I should just put it up here for records.


The bottom one is the original picture which I think I clicked at a vacation home but I like the other versions too, may be someday I will frame this and put it up somewhere in my living room once I have a house of my own that is 😀

Looking forward to trying out the other cool effects in Picasa !!!!


Tell me what you think! Leave a reply :)

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