What does Failure mean ?

Failure doesn’t mean you’re a failure,

It means-you have not succeeded.

Failure doesn’t mean you accomplished nothing,

It means you’ve learned something.

Failure doesn’t mean That you’ve been a fool,

It means you had a lot of faith.

Failure doesn’t mean you’ve been disgraced,

It means you were willing to try.

Failure doesn’t mean you don’t have it,

It means you have to do something in a different way.

Failure doesn’t mean you are inferior,

It means you are not perfect.

Failure doesn’t mean you’ve wasted your life,

It means you have a reason to start afresh.

Failure doesn’t mean you should give up,

It means you MUST try harder.

Failure doesn’t mean you’ll never make it,

It means It will take a little longer.

Failure doesn’t mean God has abandoned you,

It means God has a better way for you.

Here is another of those poems that would give when strength in difficult times, I found this while browsing to find the poet for the previous post. I picked the ones I liked, but you can find many more such poems/quotes  here.

I did not have a great day today but after reading the poems it felt so much better.  In the past I took so much pride in the way I lived, that I would hardly glance through these motivational poems, but I think I took this one quote from my English teacher very seriously, and it has been with me ever since I first heard it – “Wise men learn from others experience, fools learn from theirs!”.

I know now that its not a bad idea to seek advise and learn from others’ experience whenever required. And the experience could come in any form, from quotes to stories to poems to one to one conversations, you just need to keep your ears open and listen. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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