Saturday Morning with Happy Singh!

Yesterday, I woke up to a beautiful morning the perfect blue sky with white clouds (some of them tinted orange by the warm glow of the morning sun). The temperature was also unusually low for a day in mid July. It was a perfect day to go for a long walk and I had  – “Happy Singh” – to give me company!

Okay “Happy Singh” is my six months, twenty-eight days old camera :). I always like giving names to all the things I own, it personifies them, gives them a character, and all of them give me company when I do not have real people around 🙂 ….( so what is my mobile phone called ? well that some other time :))….

So “Happy Singh” is a very nice guy and accompanies me on most of my random walks and planned trips! He has an eye for beautiful things! And with every picture he clicks, he seems like he is trying to teach me something. I look at the pictures, sometimes I can see the message, learn a lesson, and many times I am not so sure!

As I was editing the pictures I clicked yesterday, I was reflecting on them. Here are some of the pictures and  a few lessons I thought “Happy Singh” was trying to teach 😉

(Oh! and I am so addicted to Picasa now that I simply cannot stop myself from editing pictures :)….i.e to say all these pictures are edited one way or the other but not beyond recognition ! )


Pic #1 : A shelter along the walking track

Lesson : When you walking alone (in life or otherwise), all tired and exhausted, thinking why me? or why this road? , no matter what keep walking, you will definitely find some shelter, and then you know you are not alone. If there is a shelter, there must have been someone on that road before you right! the one who built it….so as you walk, even if you do not find shelters (help), build one for others just to let them alone -”  They are not alone!”


Pic #2 : An ant on Queen Anne’s Lace ( a cluster of white flowers that grow in the wild)

Lesson : I always thought we can learn a lot from ants –  unity, discipline (how they follow each other in perfect lines), saving for the hard times…….and that leading a happy life is a matter of  the right habits and about staying together, and for all this SIZE ( of your apartment, refrigerator, closet …) really does not matter 🙂


Pic #3: An ox eye flower (stripped of its petals with only the core standing strong against the sun!)

Lesson : Even after you have lost everything, if your heart beats, if you can breathe, you are ALIVE and you can still live on despite all the misery, but only as long as you believe you can!  (“That which does not kill us makes us stronger” – Fredrich Nietzsche)


Pic # 4: A wild Sunflower

Lesson : Always look at the bright side of things, Face the sun and the shadows are always behind you 😀


Pic #5 : A family of geese by the lakeside

Lesson : If we are together, we can always find our way back home ( just like these wonderful navigators)


Pic # 6 : Trees on the top of a small hill by the lake

Lesson : Well what are you trying to say through this one  Happy Singh ?

I have a really busy week and weekend ahead, so until next week, take care

Hugs from Krithya G and Happy S!


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