Sapna dekha hai maine -by Shubha Mudgal (Lyrics and Translation)


Mausam gulaal le ke darwaaze mere aaye,

Misri si baat hawaein kaano mein keh jaaye 

Baadal ki rui waale takiya liye sirhaane,

Daadi ki thapki aur kisse naye puraane, 

Sapna dekha hai maine, maine bhi dekha hai sapna

Meri bhi choton ko phoo phoo koi bujhaaye,

Mera bhi aansoo kisi hatheli par ruk jaaye

Main bhi ungali moti si thaamu koi kaske,

Meri bhi har zidd ko maan le koi hans ke, 

Sapna dekha hai maine, maine bhi dekha hai sapna

Kaala tika maathe pe pyar se koi lagaye,

Mujhko bhi nayi shararat karna koi sikhaye

Mera khoya sa bachpan koi wapas laaye,

Mere bhi naam ko chota karke koi bulaaye 

Sapna dekh hai maine, maine bhi dekha sapna

(I wish) The seasons would come knocking at my door with bright colors

(I wish) The winds would whisper words sweet as sugar in my ears as they pass 

(I dream) of resting my head on cotton filled pillows as soft as the clouds 

(I dream) of grandmother’s affectionate patting and her stories old and new

I dream of all this  (literally I saw this dream) 

(I wish) Someone would caress my wounds and relieve me of my pain when I am hurt 

(I wish) my tears also stopped in someone’s palms 

(I wish) I could also hold someone’s fat finger tightly

(I wish) someone would fulfill all my demands with a smile 

I dream of all this 

(i wish) Someone would put a black dot on my head ( to keep evil spirits away) 

(I wish) Someone would teach me new playful mischiefs 

(I wish) Someone could bring back my lost childhood 

(I wish) Someone could call me by small loving nick names 

I dream of all this

I was really moved by the video. You can find it  here 

By the end of the song I was almost into tears. I respect Shubha Mudgal, not only for being such a talented singer, but for using her talent to address sensitive issues like this and her compassion towards the deprived and unfortunate. This song is about an orphan (an abandoned girl child) who dreams of a life where she is cared for and loved. The song describes some of the many little desires she has, things that she craves for, things that all of us,  who have had parents and elders around when we were kids, would have just taken for granted.

To all those kids around the world, who spend/spent their childhood all by themselves, struggling through life from an early age, I salute you for your courage, I respect and adore you for who you are, and pray that you find the strength to face the challenges of life and that you rise and shine. Hope you find love and care when you need them.

And to mom and dad, thanks for being there for me always….but for you, my childhood would not have been so beautiful and happy 🙂

(NOTE : The picture in the beginning of the post is of a kid I met during one of my visits to my grandparent’s place. She is lucky, she has her mom and dad (aka domestic help at my grandmom’s) to take care of her. Her curious eyes however remind me of this song …sapna dekha hai maine… )


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