Mauje naina milke (Coke Studio) – Lyrics and Translation

Kaayi ka jharna hai, masla ghinauna hai , It’s a waterfall full of moss, the matter is disgustful

Mauje naina milke re…., The meeting of  whimsical eyes 

Dil ka khilauna hai har dil ka rona hai , It’s like a toy for the heart, and every heart cries for it

Mauje naina milke re…., The meeting of  whimsical eyes 

Ankhiyaan thaga gayi, behudi fansa gayi , My eyes were betrayed, and I was trapped in my inappropriate attitude

Maatam manaate hain chaina , I mourn over my loss of my peace of mind now

Pinjare ko tod ke, galtiyaan bator ke   After breaking the cage, and realising (gathering) its mistakes

Kyun tadpadaati hai maina, bus karo na… Why is the Mynaah still  in pain , lets stop it now (pleading) 

Pokhraa inaari dooba sab khayaal jabse russeyaa,  Every thought drowned in the pond (of tears probably) ever since I upset you

Kyun jiya sahararatan bewajah yun aadatan fansyaa,  Why did my naughty mind, unreasonably and habitually get trapped like this

Kya bhalaa buraa, murkh maajraa, ji ka rona, dhona, khatam bhi karo na, What is good or bad, that is a foolish thought now, enough of all the crying and tears, lets end it now 

Dil kareyga dil ki chaakhree, The heart will only listen to the heart 

Mauje naina milke re…. The meeting of  whimsical eyes 

Baaloo hai , sona hai, pichkaa fulaonaa hai, There is sand and there is gold, and a deflated balloon (symbolizing probably sand – his wife, gold – his new-found love, deflated balloon – his marriage) 

Maujey naina milke , maujey naina milke , The meeting of  whimsical eyes 

Khmer ka dona hai, footaa bhagonaa hai, It’s like a bowl made of leaves and its like a broken steel vessel  (referring to his relationship with his wife probably) 

Mauje nainan milke, maujey naina milke , The meeting of  whimsical eyes 

Afna ki  dhaar mein, kharpatwaar pe,  With the paradise like current (new-found love), from amidst the weeds in the crops 

Cheekhe fatingey ki beh naa, The chiggers’ (an insect) cries that I (should) not flow along

Anth ke toofan se, maut ke ufaan mein, This is like the storm that brings the end, amidst the thoughts of death

Ladti hai saanson ki sena, bus karo na, Like an army, every breath seems to be fighting, enough of it ( I cannot take it anymore) 


As described here this song is about a husband who is cheating on his wife. The song is an expression of his guilt and at the same time, his desire to be set free from the marriage as he does not see any point in continuing with something so pointless.

In the beginning he justifies his temptation to find love outside of his marriage saying its like being in a moss covered water fall where one can easily slip (like he did), and that love is a toy for the heart, something the heart keeps looking for to play with, and that he got tricked into it.

The next few lines describe his pain as guilt takes over, he thinks why is he still not happy even though he has stepped out of  his cage (marriage), and why did he do such a thing.

But then again, he says he does not want to think about what is right and what is wrong anymore.  He compares his marriage to broken vessels and deflated balloon both of which are worthless because they can no longer serve a purpose or bring joy.  And at the end he describes how his marriage is a dying relationship. That though his conscience (symbolized by an insect that lives on weeds, showing how insignificant the voice of his conscience is) is asking him not to go with the flow (his new-found love), he thinks that his relationship with his wife is on the verge of dying and its fight to survive is futile. So he cannot live with this guilt, this worthless relationship anymore and so wants to end it.

The phrase “mauje naina milke” probably is used to depict his new love and the reason why he feels the way he does throughout the song!

(Thats just my take on the song! I might have missed the meaning of some words, not sure …..and I still am not sure what “inaari” means!)

**Note : The lyrics of the full song including the english lyrics (which seemed a little out of place to me)  can be found here. I have only the hindi part in this post.


Husna (Coke Studio) – Lyrics and Translation

Lahore ke us pehle jile ke do pargana mein pahunche ,

Resham gali ke duje kuche ke chauthe makaan mein pahunche,

Aur kehte hain jisko dooja mulk us Pakistan mein pahunche,

Likhta hoon khat main hindustan se pehloo-e-husna mein pahunche

I felt  like I am  in Lahore in the first district and the second subdivision

I felt like I am in that Resham street, in the second colony’s fourth house, 

I felt like I am in Pakistan, that place which they call a different country now

I felt like I was by the side of you Husna, as I write this letter from Hindustan 

(This could also mean “Hope this letter that I write from Hindustan reaches you Husna”)

Main to hoon baitha o Husna meri yaadon puraani mein khoya 

Pal pal ko ginta, pal pal ko chunta beeti kahaani mein khoya 

Patte jab jhadte Hindustaan mein yaadein tumhari ye bole 

Hota ujala Hindustan mein baatein tumhari ye bola 

O Husna meri ye to bata do hota hai aisa kya us gulistan mein,

Rehti ho nanhi kabootar si gum tum jahan 

O Husna I sit here lost in the old memories, Counting every moment, picking up memories, lost in old conversations

When the leaves fall here in Hindustan they remind me of you, Whenever Hindustan lights up, it reminds me of you 

O my Husna, tell me does this happen in that flower garden too (referring to Pakistan), where you live like a small pigeon who has lost its way 

Patte kya jhadte hain Pakistan mein waise jaise jhadte yahan o Husna

Hota ujala kya waisa hi hai jaise hota Hindustan mein haan o Husna

Do the leaves fall from trees in Pakistan too, like they do here o Husna 

Does that place light up the same way as Hindustan o Husna

Wo Heero ke Ranjhe ke nagmein mujhko ab  tak aa aake satayein 

Wo Bulleh Shah ke takriron ke jheene jheene saaye

Wo id ki eidi , lambi namaazein,  sevaiyyon ke jhalar 

Wo diwali ke diye sang mein baisakhi ke badal 

Holi ki wo lakdi jinmein sang sang aanch lagayi

Lohdi ka wo dhuan jismein dhadkan hai sulgayi 

Those melodies of Heer and Ranjha haunt me even now (literally come to me and trouble me) 

Those fine speeches of Bulleh Shah 

The gifts of eid, the long namaaz sessions, the tassel like vermicelli sweets

The lamps of Diwali and the clouds in Baisakhi 

The fire from the burnt woods on Holi which we lit together

The smoke from the Lohdi fire which lit up our hearts (literally heart beats) 

O Husna meri ye to bata do lohdi ka dhuan kya ab bhi nikalta hai jaisa nikalta tha us daur mein wahan

Dhuen mein gulistaan ye barbaad ho raha hai,ek rang syaah ke ijaad ho raha hai

Heeron ke Ranjho ke nagmein kya ab bhi sune jaate hain wahan o Husna

Aur rota hai raaton mein Pakistan kya waise jaise Hindustan o Husna

O my Husna tell me does the smoke of Lohdi still rise like it used to during that time ( referring to the period before partition) 

The smoke (referring here to the fire from wars) is destroying this garden of flowers, its as if a new black color (darkness) is being created 

Do they still listen to the melodies of Heer and Ranjha there (in Pakistan)  o Husna? 

And does Pakistan also cry just like Hindustan during the nights? 

This song is a letter from a lover Javed who is in India to his beloved Husna who is in Pakistan. (as described here)  The letter is written  after partition where he writes about not only how much he misses her but also asks her how  is it like to be in Pakistan after partition.

The piece actually comes up with things I had never thought of before. I do not know how it would have been to have to leave everything you own and your land behind just because a bunch of people in power decided that there should be two separate nations, and the basis of separation being religion. But the poem made me think, think about how similar things would have been before partition. How before Pakistan became a Muslim nation festivals like Lohdi, Holi would have also been celebrated with the same pomp and show like Eid. I never imagined but the region we now called Pakistan would have lit up during Diwali just like any other place in the region we now call India. And as an Indian I know we celebrate Eid, but I really do not know what Indian festivals are celebrated in Pakistan. I do not have a separated beloved in Pakistan, but I am as ignorant as Javed is about how different are India and Pakistan after all after the partition?

I know it is really easy to write about such things sitting in front of my computer screen, but I am sure it must be really tough for those who have lost their loved ones in the name of religion or in the name of partition or on the border in the name of  patriotism. I might have been equally spiteful about the people on the other side of the border. I know their loss is irreparable, but their feeling of revenge is just a part of a never ending chain reaction, and that is what keeps the fire burning at the border, and that is what separates Javed from his Husna.  It is a sensitive issue , and I do not consider myself experienced enough to talk about it but I hope some day we can talk about it openly and sort out matters and live in peace……and till then “rota hai raaton Pakistan waise jaise Hindustan”

(That last line made the poem complete by adding a sense of incompleteness to the poem…..)

By the way, Eid Mubarak to all my friends (In India and Pakistan and all over the world! )



what does independence day mean to you?

As a kid, I always thought this day was just another day in school where they force us to wear our white uniforms and march the field in the sun or rain. A couple of performances by the talented few, and we would get chocolates and the go home earlier than usual. More like a half day with no classes.

As a teenager, once I had my history lessons in place, I understood that this is the day  where people mourned and sang songs in praise of all the martyrs who fought and lost lives while trying  to free our country from the British rule. The songs would be followed by the most awaited distribution of sweet packets, for putting up with all the endless chief guest speeches and bor ing songs.

When I moved to college I would participate actively in various festivities, and I would be the one singing those patriotic songs, while some teenager sitting in the crowd would be thinking – “when will this end?”…..I knew of friends who would call me to save some of the free sweet packets which they aid they would collect later….(since it was a holiday they preferred to sleep as much as they could, rather than coming to join the others at like 7:00am in the morning for flag hoisting etc. )

After a couple of  years later I had to leave the country. I still remember my first Indian Independence Day celebrations here in the US.  I had tears in my eyes as I sang the national anthem. For the first time I realized why hoisting the flag was so important, and how independence day is not just another day in the calendar, where you have no classes, and how independence day is not just another holiday, and how independence day is not just about sweet packets and patriotic songs, and how independence is not another chapter in the history book.  And for the first time I realized what being born in an independent country actually means.

When I reflect about concepts of independence day in people’s mind, I feel this is what most if not all of my friends still think of it is – a National Holiday, when some decades ago, our country was declared independent. But I cannot blame them. How can you value something  that you haven’t been deprived of? How can you value independence if you do not how it feels to be a  slave?

I now understand how lucky I was, to wear what I wanted to wear, eat what I wanted to eat, go where I wanted to go, study what I wanted to study, live where I wanted to live without any restrictions being imposed on my choices. Now that is something, something that we do not think about that often, but aren’t you thankful that no matter where you go, you are treated as a human being and not like an object. Of course I forgot the most important part in the equation – being born in a free country is one thing, but it is important to be born in a well to do family, for where will all the money to do what you like to do come from?

But then there is this other question that pops up immediately in my mind – Are we truly independent?  Now what kind of question is that, of course we are, we are independent as a nation, but I think as citizens as people we are still slaves, slaves to religious beliefs, slaves to the age-old caste system, slaves to money, slaves to those in power, and finally slaves of our desires. For I think to be independent in the real sense of the word means being able to do what you want to do and not what you have to do…..even today a inter-caste marriage is looked down upon, even today those in power exploit the citizens and everyone who has money wants to get richer, and people who do not die in poverty……how can  a nation be independent when its citizens are still discriminated on the basis of caste, religion etc….. sigh

This is what independence day would mean to me : When every citizen in India is just considered a citizen of India, when every profession, caste and religion gets equal respect, that is when I would call us Independent. These sound like ideal dreams, and if you ask me I  can not even suggest a plan of action make this dream a reality, but if anything I believe in it….:)

Duniya (Gulaal) – Lyrics and Translation

O ri duniya, O ri duniya, Ho ri duniya

Surmayee aankhon ke pyaalon ki duniya o duniya

Satrangi rangon gulaalon ki duniya o duniya  

Alsaayi sejo ke phoolon ki duniya o duniya re

Angdaayi tode kabootar ki duniya o duniya re

O world, O world, O world, 

O world the one that has  (tear-filled) gray eyes, and also has rainbow color (ed powders)

O world, the one made of  lazy flower beds (flowers symbolize happiness here) 

The world that breaks the wings of a pigeon as it stretches to fly ( pigeons are a symbol of peace, so referring to destructing peace) 

Karvat le soyi haqeeqat ki duniya o duniya

Deewaani hoti tabiyat ki duniya o duniya

Khwahish mein lipti zaroorat ki duniya o duniya re

Insaan ke sapno ki niyat ki duniya o duniya1

O ri duniya, O ri duniya

This world is about  truths that sleep ,This world that is a slave of  (people’s)  moods 

This world which is all those dear wishes entangled with urgent needs

This world is all about the intentions of human dreams  

Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai

Mamta ki bikhri kahani ki duniya o duniya

Beheno ki siski jawaani ki duniya o duniya

Aadam ke haua ke rishtey ki duniya o duniya re

Shayar ke pheeke lafzon ki duniya o duniya

What will we gain if  we can conquer such a world anyway? 

This world which is about the shattered stories of motherhood, 

This world which is about the silent cries of young sisters  (referring probably to sexual assault on young girls) 

This world which is all about the relationship between Adam and eve

This world which seems  like the insipid words of a poet

Ghaalib ke Momin ki khwaabon ki duniya, Majaazon ke un inqalaabon ki duniya

Faiz firaaq aur saahir-o-makhtoon, Mir ki zauq ki daagon ki duniya

Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai

This world which is like the dreams of Ghalib and Momin, This world is about their revolutionary metaphors

This world is about the stains (works) left by the poets like Faiz, Firaq, Sahir, Makhtoon, Mir and Zauq

What will we gain if we can conquer such a  world anyway? 

Palchin mein baatein chali jaati hai,Palchin mein raatein chali jaati hai

Reh jaata hai jo  savera wo dhoondhe,Jalte makaan mein basera wo dhoondhe

Jaisi bachi hai waisi ki waisi bacha lo ye duniya,Apna samajh ke apno ki jaisi utha lo duniya

(This world where)

In a matter of moments words are forgotten, In a matter of moments nights are gone 

and the few who remain wander in search for daylight, they search  for shelter in burning houses

Save whatever is left of this world, Think this world is your own, and uplift the world

Chitput si baaton mein jalne lagegi sambhalo ye duniya

Katpit ke raaton mein palne lagegi sambhalo ye duniya

o ri duniya

It will start burning over petty issues, take care of this world

It will be wounded and will start to taking shelter and growing in the darkness of the nights take care of it 

Wo kahe hai ki duniya ye itni nahi hai,  sitaaron se aage jahaan aur bhi hai

Ye hum hi nahi hai wahan aur bhi, Hamari har ek baat hoti wahin hai

Humein aitraaz nahi hai kahin bhi, Wo aalim hai faazil hai honge sahi bhi

Magar falsafa ye bigad jaata hai jo

They say we are not alone, there are more people somewhere too, and everything that happens here happens in that place too

And I do not have a problem with that, they are learned and virtous men, they must be correct

But this philosophy gets disrupted when 

Aalim ye kehta wahan ishwar hai

Faazil ye kehta wahan allah hai

Kaafir ye kehta wahan eesaa hai

Manzil ye kehti tab insaan se ki, tumhari hai tumhi sambhalo ye duniya

Ye bujhte hue chand baasi chiraagon, tumhare ye kaale iraadon ki duniya

ho re duniya

When the intelligent few say that eeshwar reside there 

When the virtuous few say that allah resides there

When the non-believers of Islam say that Jesus resides there

Destiny then tells mankind, this world is yours and you are the one who should take care of it 

This world which is now nothing but  a few diminishing lammps, which is nothing but a product of your dark desires. 


Thanks Darshan for introducing me to this song.

Though the song is on a pessimistic note, lamenting about theprevelant chaotic conditions in the world, it is a beautiful and rich piece of urdu poetry. It speaks about the world as a mixture of  colours and gray shades, about no happiness, about wounded innocents, It speaks about how the world and everything that happens here is a result of the dreams, desires and intentions of mankind. How we are the only ones responsible for the way it is. How we have left the world in the hands of the so called learned and virtuous few (referring probably to the religious leaders or politicians) who make us fight, divide us and rule on us, it is time we realize this world and everything that happens to it is our responsibility, and we need to nurture it, take care of it and protect it from the evil desires of those who are trying to conquer it and in the process destroying it. The line I like best : “Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai?” ….The ones in power want to conquer and rule the world, but look at the shattered condition of everyone and everything in the world today, there is only confusion, anxiety and disorder everywhere, what will we do even if we become rulers or conquerors of the world, of such a chaotic WORLD!

Ishq bhi kiya re maula (JISM 2) – Lyrics and Translation

Ishq bhi kiya re maula, dard bhi diya re maula 

Yun to khush raha, magar kuch reh gaya baaki 

Fakr bhi kiya re maula, ilm bhi liya re maula 

Zindagi jiya  magar kuch bhi reh gaya baaki 

Tu nahi dikha re maula, sab nahi bika re maula 

Aur jahan ruka wahan pe jaam hai khaali

Chaah ki kami mein tu hai , aankh ki nami mein tu hai

Aas mein tu, pyaas mein tu ,saans mein tu 

bewajah hasi mein tu hai, jo dikhe usi mein tu hai 

Ashk mein tu, rashk mein tu, jaan mein tu 

Ishq bhi kiya re maula…..

Zeesth ki sachaiyon se, rooh ki gehraaiyon se

Raat ki tanhayiyon se, tu guzar zara 

Dam daram…

I loved too, oh master, I gave pain too, oh master 

As such I was happy, but there was something that still remained

I felt proud too oh master, I gained knowledge too oh master

I lived life (to the fullest) too, but there was something that still remained

I could not see you oh master, everything was not sold oh master 

And wherever I stopped, I found the glass (referring to his life) empty 

You exist in the incompleteness of love, you exist in the wetness of the eyes

You are in hope, you are in thirst, you are in breath 

You are in the smiles expressed without any reason, You are in everyone I see

You are in tears, you are in jealousy, you are in vigor 

I loved too o master…..

Through the truths of  life, through the depths of the soul

Through the loneliness of the night, one has to pass…

I loved too o master….

I am in love with the album. It has the kind of songs I enjoy, soft music and good lyrics. Actually I enjoy the other kind fun kind of songs too, but there is always a special preference for the soft ones.  I watched the movie, (yea despite all the work I have pending, I still wanted to), and I realized I would have been better off  sticking to the songs and my work instead.  At every point in the movie, I kept thinking, when will it be time for the next song…..because I knew exactly what to expect next from the story.  Except for kabir (the bad guy) who at least had apt expressions, I did not find anyone else impressive enough! So all in all a time pass movie, but I might have been better off working :)…..Anyway as I move on to the other songs, I shall post the lyrics for those too, but for now its repeat mode time with : Ishq bhi kiya re maula…. (I think the singer might have been better off not cracking his voice the way he does throughout the song, at some points it feels unecessary and noisy,  probably someone like Mohit Chauhan or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan saheb might have been a better choice for this song…just saying)

Oh and you can enjoy the song here.


Peace of Mind

I don’t want riches, I want to be happy
I don’t want a crowd of people, I want a few people who love me
I don’t want to be appreciated, I want to be understood
I don’t want flattery, I want subtle praise
I don’t want a day of fun, I want small moments of bliss
I don’t want to hear sweet lies, I want to face the bitter truth
I don’t want the envious look, I want the look of respect
I don’t want to be compared, I want to be left alone
I don’t want the blaring noise, I want the soft music
I don’t want to be bound to life, I want to be left free to enjoy it
I don’t want a genius mind, I just want peace in it

I found this one here . I was not sure how to reblog, but I loved it and wanted to share it. So just made a post.

Have a peaceful weekend everyone.


It hasn’t sunken in yet

Their meeting was accidental, he was not even supposed to join the others on that trip, but in the last minute, one participant backed off, and he was just at the right place at the right time. This trip was to the National Youth Fest, where she was an important member of the music team, she played the keyboard and backed the vocals too. As for him, well he was just going. All he knew was the college was paying for his vacation and at the same time taking care of  his attendance in classes too, and that’s only what he cared about.  They were very different, she was the good girl kind, planned, organized and disciplined. He was the happy-go-lucky kind. Never took anything seriously, would just go with the flow, he knew how to enjoy life.

So when they met, she hated his attitude, how can someone take life so lightly, and he, he as usual hardly bothered to even make a judgement.  However deep down, she knew she was jealous and also inspired by his freedom and he somehow liked and appreciated her order and idealism, something very different from his disorganized personality. The  trip in all was a week long affair,  a four-day train journey and a three-day stay in Chennai. During the trip, whenever she was not running around worrying about registration and participation, she would spend some time with him and his group of friends, chit chatting, pulling legs, bird watching and having fun! and when his friends were busy with their events, he would hang out with her, help her put things in order.  Soon they became good friends, like real good friends or that’s what they thought at least at that point.

The week long vacation ended sooner than expected. That is the problem with vacations, weekends, holidays. The same 24 hours a day suddenly feel like 36 on a normal working day, while at other times, time just flies, speeds up and flies away.  So now they were back in college, and immediately came the mid terms. Everyone got busy, the youth fest and its memories were transferred from cameras onto computers and saved and stacked in CDs and stored on dusty racks and soon forgotten like the trip never happened. A part of the forgetting was to do with the fact that they had not been able to win any event, and as they say, if you do not win, destroy all evidence that you tried.  However what could not be destroyed was the friendships and the bonding between the gang.

For the next few months, she (the planner) had already made plans as to what she wants to do, and how she wants to spend (by her definition – enjoy)  those last few months in college. They would meet each other here and there, sometimes on the bus, sometimes in the canteen, and just exchange smiles. They knew they liked to spend time together, but she did not have place for random plans on her agenda and he was too busy partying too. So they just kept it at that, exchanging smiles and the occasional How is life?

Soon after graduation, she flew to USA for her higher studies and this was  a new place, the first year she really missed all her friends back home, but gradually her personality changed. She became more outgoing, and happy-go-lucky. Probably it was her inspired mind, inspired by his nature, whatever the reason, she had changed for sure. And every moment of the next three years she savoured this new-found spirit, the new freedom, away from home. She made new friends, and got busy with work and as time passed those best friends forever from her college back home became pictures in her photo album.  Not that she did not remember them, but she did not miss them as much. Time I think accumulates layers of dust which is only occasionally blown away by a random encounter with an old friend or an occasional glance through the old albums, or revisiting those long forgotten memories in some lost corner of the mind.

So one day, as she was on one such memory trip going through old albums, she found him and a bunch of his friends making crazy faces at her, and it made her smile. She immediately reached for her laptop and looked them all up on facebook, she had a sudden urge to find out what her crazy friends were upto. She sent friend requests, and within hours they were already exchanging messages.

But this sudden bout of interest was shortlived. And in a day or two, things were the same again. The only thing that had changed was that she had some additional connections on her facebook .  People are so busy with their lives these days, that maintaining a stable family has become a cumbersome task, so keeping in touch with friends is just out of the question. However thanks to all those days on the calendar, from valentine’s to mothers day to father’s day,  atleast one day in the year people (the sentimental few) definitely make a call. However though really close to friendships day, her message to him and his bunch of friends was on a different note and sent with a different purpose, but she did send messages to each of them  – Happy Raksha Bandhan!

She logged into facebook the first thing the following day, excited about what people had written on her wall.  She received messages from all the others except for him.  Now that was weird, because the last time (about four months back) when they exchanged messages he was the first to reply.

Anyway,  that night she logged in again, and went straight to his account to see what is up, and his facebook wall was filled with messages from two months back, and every message said : “Rest in Peace”

She double checked, she could not believe that this boy who she thought was among the most lively people she had ever met is not alive anymore, she still can’t, it hasn’t sunken in yet!