To Life on Friendship’s Day

Life,  you have been highly unpredictable, unreliable and a troublesome friend, but I literally cannot imagine my existence without you. I know I have been at fault too, I have used you, abused you, taken advantage of you, many a times not valued your gifts, but on this friendship’s day lets promise each other that we will be good to each other, that I will treat you as the most valuable gift I have ever had, and you will be kind to me and gentle on me in return.

Don’t get me wrong Life, I do not mean you stop being mischievous, I am not trying to change you here, you are the best you could be,

It’s just these little things that we could probably tweak here and there to strengthen our friendship you know!

Like right when you decide you want to drop me off a cliff, please lend me a parachute so that I can enjoy the fall,

or right when you push me into the river to teach me how to swim, assure me that you will bring me to the banks, if I start drowning,

We can still play our favorite games, but we might want to change the rules, I sometimes feel they are all unfair and one sided games!

like the BuriedInShit game, where you put a clueless me under a mountain of shit  and ask me to make my way through it! next time we play that game, at least provide me with a scented mask :)…..because you know what,  it really stinks down there 😦

or the BrokenDreams game, where I try to protect my mirror like dreams and you sometimes suddenly become so strong that you shatter all my dreams in one blow, and later leave me to clean up the mess, with my tears….all I want is a fair game where either I have concrete dreams or better cleaning supplies or even better, if I have someone who can do the cleaning for me  😛

They say this about you all the time – Life is not fair, but on this friendship’s day lets make a new beginning and change this view about you, because deep down I know you are wonderful, its just that it takes all of us longer than usual ( in most cases a  lifetime) to realize it!

You are my first friend and you are the only reason all my wonderful friends exist. Thank you for being there with me and with all the friends I have.

Happy Friendship’s Day Life! We will be friends forever (till death do us part)

and a very Happy Friendships day to everyone who has ever experienced and cherished this beautiful relationship – FRIENDSHIP!





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