Ishq bhi kiya re maula (JISM 2) – Lyrics and Translation

Ishq bhi kiya re maula, dard bhi diya re maula 

Yun to khush raha, magar kuch reh gaya baaki 

Fakr bhi kiya re maula, ilm bhi liya re maula 

Zindagi jiya  magar kuch bhi reh gaya baaki 

Tu nahi dikha re maula, sab nahi bika re maula 

Aur jahan ruka wahan pe jaam hai khaali

Chaah ki kami mein tu hai , aankh ki nami mein tu hai

Aas mein tu, pyaas mein tu ,saans mein tu 

bewajah hasi mein tu hai, jo dikhe usi mein tu hai 

Ashk mein tu, rashk mein tu, jaan mein tu 

Ishq bhi kiya re maula…..

Zeesth ki sachaiyon se, rooh ki gehraaiyon se

Raat ki tanhayiyon se, tu guzar zara 

Dam daram…

I loved too, oh master, I gave pain too, oh master 

As such I was happy, but there was something that still remained

I felt proud too oh master, I gained knowledge too oh master

I lived life (to the fullest) too, but there was something that still remained

I could not see you oh master, everything was not sold oh master 

And wherever I stopped, I found the glass (referring to his life) empty 

You exist in the incompleteness of love, you exist in the wetness of the eyes

You are in hope, you are in thirst, you are in breath 

You are in the smiles expressed without any reason, You are in everyone I see

You are in tears, you are in jealousy, you are in vigor 

I loved too o master…..

Through the truths of  life, through the depths of the soul

Through the loneliness of the night, one has to pass…

I loved too o master….

I am in love with the album. It has the kind of songs I enjoy, soft music and good lyrics. Actually I enjoy the other kind fun kind of songs too, but there is always a special preference for the soft ones.  I watched the movie, (yea despite all the work I have pending, I still wanted to), and I realized I would have been better off  sticking to the songs and my work instead.  At every point in the movie, I kept thinking, when will it be time for the next song…..because I knew exactly what to expect next from the story.  Except for kabir (the bad guy) who at least had apt expressions, I did not find anyone else impressive enough! So all in all a time pass movie, but I might have been better off working :)…..Anyway as I move on to the other songs, I shall post the lyrics for those too, but for now its repeat mode time with : Ishq bhi kiya re maula…. (I think the singer might have been better off not cracking his voice the way he does throughout the song, at some points it feels unecessary and noisy,  probably someone like Mohit Chauhan or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan saheb might have been a better choice for this song…just saying)

Oh and you can enjoy the song here.



14 thoughts on “Ishq bhi kiya re maula (JISM 2) – Lyrics and Translation

  1. Thankyou very much for translating this meaningful song. I am in a gratitude. But still there are many things that I couldn’t understand in this song. In the first part, a singer is complaining to his lord. But in the second part he is like Chah ki kami mein tu hai, Aankh ki nami mein tu hai, Aas mein tu, pyaas mein tu, saans mein tu…. etc sounds more like he is telling to his love (girlfriend), not lord. And in the third part, he says Zisth ki sachchayion se, Rooh ki gehraiyon se, Raat ki tanhayiyon se, tu guzar zara…… He says ‘Tu guzar zara’… I didn’t get that whom is he telling to?? Is he telling to his lord or his girlfriend? I love this song very much and I want my confusion to be cleared. Please Help!

  2. A little late on the comments by awesome song n lyrics, especially with this translation.
    The first part starts of like the person is talking/complaining/etc to His Maula in first person. Then goes on to praise how great and omnipresent is His Maula is. Towards end, goes on to tell that one must go to the depths of pain and suffering(over simplified) in order to raise above one self, cause His Maula loves him a lot and all this suffering must have a reason.
    However the last part of going through pain, etc makes sense only if we take the meaning darshan has given.
    Atleast I find this word play, watever is to be mind blowing 🙂

  3. i jst love to hear dhs song .wen i hear i fell my love nd cry a lot i jst request the singer to sing a pain full songs ,

  4. Say, Krithya, I don’t know if you take requests, but could you please do the translations of Piyush Mishra’s ‘Duniya’ from Gulaal and his brilliant ‘Husna’ from MTV Coke Studio Season 2? I find myself lost on many words in these wonderful songs and last i checked there was no decent translations of them anywhere on the net. Do look into this. Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Thanks for introducing me to these beautiful songs, I shall surely try my best to post a decent translation soon. By the way, how is that movie Gulaal, never heard about it, but after listening to the song, I feel like watching it, is it worth watching? Do you have any idea?

      • Thanks so much, Krithya! I’m waiting for the other song’s translation too..Now, about the movie Gulaal, it packs a powerful punch, just like Gangs of Wasseypur, but is filled with so many metaphors (not to mention the heavy dosage of regional cliches) that failed to register on me the first time i watched it. But only after watching it with a friend (he explained to me the said nuances) who hails from that part of Rajasthan where the movie is set in, could i really appreciate how good the movie was. I would recommend it, but be warned its not slapstick entertainment. Far from it.

  5. Hey! Thanks for the translation. I stumbled into your blog while looking for this wonderful song’s translation. Really nice blog! 🙂 And the best part is the name..Oh! to look back at those treasures that were trifled away! Keep writing!! 🙂
    Now, here’s what’s bugging me. My understanding of the first para of the song was something like this:

    O my Master, You loved me too,
    and you gave me pain as well..
    as such i was happy but
    still there was something that remained.

    I know it would be out of context wrt the movie, but given the Sufi influence in the lyrics, i had assumed as much. Is it a contention at all?

    • Thanks for dropping by and for the special mention about the title of my blog 🙂
      As for the meaning, well you are right, the meaning I have here is in accordance with the mood of the song in the movie, but also because going by your interpretation, the third line would mean : O my master, you were proud of me, you took knowledge from me which might not make much sense……if it was ilm bhi diya re maula in the third line, it would make sense to me…
      that said its hard to interpret what exactly the poet wants to convey unless the poet himself intervenes 😀 ….I personally think every poem is a mystery, and even though all of us get the literal meaning right, there is no right or wrong when it comes to interpretation, the mystery unfolds in different ways for different people – my two cents 🙂

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