Husna (Coke Studio) – Lyrics and Translation

Lahore ke us pehle jile ke do pargana mein pahunche ,

Resham gali ke duje kuche ke chauthe makaan mein pahunche,

Aur kehte hain jisko dooja mulk us Pakistan mein pahunche,

Likhta hoon khat main hindustan se pehloo-e-husna mein pahunche

I felt  like I am  in Lahore in the first district and the second subdivision

I felt like I am in that Resham street, in the second colony’s fourth house, 

I felt like I am in Pakistan, that place which they call a different country now

I felt like I was by the side of you Husna, as I write this letter from Hindustan 

(This could also mean “Hope this letter that I write from Hindustan reaches you Husna”)

Main to hoon baitha o Husna meri yaadon puraani mein khoya 

Pal pal ko ginta, pal pal ko chunta beeti kahaani mein khoya 

Patte jab jhadte Hindustaan mein yaadein tumhari ye bole 

Hota ujala Hindustan mein baatein tumhari ye bola 

O Husna meri ye to bata do hota hai aisa kya us gulistan mein,

Rehti ho nanhi kabootar si gum tum jahan 

O Husna I sit here lost in the old memories, Counting every moment, picking up memories, lost in old conversations

When the leaves fall here in Hindustan they remind me of you, Whenever Hindustan lights up, it reminds me of you 

O my Husna, tell me does this happen in that flower garden too (referring to Pakistan), where you live like a small pigeon who has lost its way 

Patte kya jhadte hain Pakistan mein waise jaise jhadte yahan o Husna

Hota ujala kya waisa hi hai jaise hota Hindustan mein haan o Husna

Do the leaves fall from trees in Pakistan too, like they do here o Husna 

Does that place light up the same way as Hindustan o Husna

Wo Heero ke Ranjhe ke nagmein mujhko ab  tak aa aake satayein 

Wo Bulleh Shah ke takriron ke jheene jheene saaye

Wo id ki eidi , lambi namaazein,  sevaiyyon ke jhalar 

Wo diwali ke diye sang mein baisakhi ke badal 

Holi ki wo lakdi jinmein sang sang aanch lagayi

Lohdi ka wo dhuan jismein dhadkan hai sulgayi 

Those melodies of Heer and Ranjha haunt me even now (literally come to me and trouble me) 

Those fine speeches of Bulleh Shah 

The gifts of eid, the long namaaz sessions, the tassel like vermicelli sweets

The lamps of Diwali and the clouds in Baisakhi 

The fire from the burnt woods on Holi which we lit together

The smoke from the Lohdi fire which lit up our hearts (literally heart beats) 

O Husna meri ye to bata do lohdi ka dhuan kya ab bhi nikalta hai jaisa nikalta tha us daur mein wahan

Dhuen mein gulistaan ye barbaad ho raha hai,ek rang syaah ke ijaad ho raha hai

Heeron ke Ranjho ke nagmein kya ab bhi sune jaate hain wahan o Husna

Aur rota hai raaton mein Pakistan kya waise jaise Hindustan o Husna

O my Husna tell me does the smoke of Lohdi still rise like it used to during that time ( referring to the period before partition) 

The smoke (referring here to the fire from wars) is destroying this garden of flowers, its as if a new black color (darkness) is being created 

Do they still listen to the melodies of Heer and Ranjha there (in Pakistan)  o Husna? 

And does Pakistan also cry just like Hindustan during the nights? 

This song is a letter from a lover Javed who is in India to his beloved Husna who is in Pakistan. (as described here)  The letter is written  after partition where he writes about not only how much he misses her but also asks her how  is it like to be in Pakistan after partition.

The piece actually comes up with things I had never thought of before. I do not know how it would have been to have to leave everything you own and your land behind just because a bunch of people in power decided that there should be two separate nations, and the basis of separation being religion. But the poem made me think, think about how similar things would have been before partition. How before Pakistan became a Muslim nation festivals like Lohdi, Holi would have also been celebrated with the same pomp and show like Eid. I never imagined but the region we now called Pakistan would have lit up during Diwali just like any other place in the region we now call India. And as an Indian I know we celebrate Eid, but I really do not know what Indian festivals are celebrated in Pakistan. I do not have a separated beloved in Pakistan, but I am as ignorant as Javed is about how different are India and Pakistan after all after the partition?

I know it is really easy to write about such things sitting in front of my computer screen, but I am sure it must be really tough for those who have lost their loved ones in the name of religion or in the name of partition or on the border in the name of  patriotism. I might have been equally spiteful about the people on the other side of the border. I know their loss is irreparable, but their feeling of revenge is just a part of a never ending chain reaction, and that is what keeps the fire burning at the border, and that is what separates Javed from his Husna.  It is a sensitive issue , and I do not consider myself experienced enough to talk about it but I hope some day we can talk about it openly and sort out matters and live in peace……and till then “rota hai raaton Pakistan waise jaise Hindustan”

(That last line made the poem complete by adding a sense of incompleteness to the poem…..)

By the way, Eid Mubarak to all my friends (In India and Pakistan and all over the world! )




118 thoughts on “Husna (Coke Studio) – Lyrics and Translation

  1. Bahot khoobsurat, dil ko choo liya
    Shandaar, shadid dard se bhara hua.koi lafz nahi hai to define the beauty of this song. Simply amazing.. wow!!!!

  2. Krithiya G. yahan ek choota sa correction hai ‘do pargana’ nahi ‘Dopargana’ hai first line mai.
    pargana means ‘a group of villages or a subdivision of a district in India’. Which is an english word, While
    dopargana means ‘Two Ways’.And it is hindi shabd.
    it does’nt make much different sense but shabd shabd hi hotey hai.

    • Thank you for your input ParthV.
      (i) “pargana” according to google is a word of “Persian” origin, doesn’t sound very English to me, though it was used widely in India during the British rule.
      (ii) You are right, both words kind of make sense but don’t you think “two ways” sounds a little out of place considering the flow of the first few lines goes from the district to a subdivision to the street to the house.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Krithya, great job with this. All love from a Piyushh Mishra Fan.
    Would like to the story about Piyush, why does he believes so much in Muslim religion and his poetry resembling to Urdu drafts being a Hindu, I know Music unites religions and countries, but still curious to know this guy better.

    • Thank you. Thanks for dropping by.
      I can see where you are coming from and I really do not have an answer for you. I will have to read up on Piyush jee’s background to know what his story is.
      But that said, inspiration can come from anywhere and creativity and imagination are not really limited by one’s life or religion or language or situation. Painters create worlds that do not exist, Writers create stories and situations out of thin air and Poets like Piyush jee can do both at once I guess. I will leave you with these lines by Sada Ambalvi :
      Dil sikhata hai sab adab mohabbat ke khud,
      ye sabak seekha nahi jaata maktab (school) se,
      Apni urdu to mohabbat ki zabaan thi pyaare,
      ab siyaasat ne use jod diya hai mazhab se.

  4. I bow down in gratitude to you for the crystal clear translation and your worthy thoughts on the song.
    People like you, along with people like Piyush Mishra, will make the world better, one day, one person, one thought at a time. ☺️

    • Thank you. All credits to Piyush Mishra jee. I am a mere translator :). That you like the views expressed in the post, tells me that if I belong to the group, you do too. Thanks for dropping by good person and cheers to the thought : “make the world better, one day, one person, one thought at a time.” Indeed.

  5. Well translated and nice thoughts, loved the way you expressed your views. Yes it’s easy to write one on a computer but then not many does this only or may be not capable to think so…like you do.

  6. Amazing!!!
    I think I have read your blog on GHAR too, chalked out by great Piyush jee..
    Keep this amazing work up, but can you explain this phrase “baisakhi k badal. ” What does it mean?

    • Good catch, never thought about it, considering baisakhi is a harvest festival after the winter crop, that line may not be referring to rain clouds. Not sure if “baadal” was used to keep the meter of the song going, or if clouds at the time of baisakhi have special significance 🙂

  7. Beautiful song and same is the translation. N yes i do agree that its tough to leave all your memories behind and move to a new land just because some people wanted to…
    Lots of appritiations…

  8. awesome song. its music , lyrics are amaizing. i loved the song because its a heart touching song.

  9. This is awsme song ……its my fav..
    But i m unable to download it….can u plz suggst me from where i cn get it…

  10. Hloooo dosto y song meri gf ko bahu pasnd h but m y song dawnload nhi kr pa rha hu so plzz plzzzzz koi h jo meri maddt kr de or agr kisi k pass h to plzzz muje whatsapp pr send kr de y song.mera whatsapp numbar. : 9636164749

  11. Beautiful words in a string. I admire the emotions that still people are there who dont believe in non sense borders but believe in humanity. I sometimes imagine that what a great nation it will become again if Indo-Pak reunites and reforms. Wow!! after all, All of use are raised from same blood but got traumatized by few of the external (british) forces who wanted to keep us busy even when they are gone….Lets reunite and show some lesson to the world that love is above all and nothing can divide love…

  12. AweSome Song ..True Lyrics Touched Heart… Nice Composition… Perfect Work By Piyush Mishra…So We Can This Is 10/10 Song…!!!
    Yh Krithya i Need Your Help In 1 Song… I Have 1 Song Listened On Radio 1 And Recorded Few Parts But i Did Google.. Tried My Luck in Radio One Office … But Not Succeeded .. Will You Plz Help Juz Tell Me How n Where i Can Send That Song … Coz There Are Numbers Of Visitors on From Different Different Location on glob So May Be They Can Help …i Am searching That Song Since Last 2 n Half year…!!!
    Thanks For Song n Nice Blog…!!!

    • Can you post the lyrics of the bits and pieces of the song that you have, here as a comment, I would definitely love to help you with your song hunt, and if I cannot, people who visit this blog could. 🙂

      • The Lyrics of song Is ( Female Voice May B Rekha Bhardwaj Voice Nt Sure Not Even 10% i Searched Her All Songs But Dint Get Any Candy From Thr 😦 )………-> “More Saiyan Saiyan Re… Kahe Sataye Kitna Rulaye… Teri Ankhiyon Ki Galiyon Main Jiya Mora Jane Kaha Bhage Ree Ho Ke Bekhabar… Teri Batiyon Ki Kaliyon Ka Gazra Main Ghumu Bandhe Re… CHoro Pehar… Hoooo…. Saanson Ka Sagar Ban K Dhakan Main Shame Kyu Hain … Baithi Hu Aas Laga K.. Palke Bichaye Re Saiyaan… Tere Ishq Main Jogan Ban Gayi Sudh Budh Baithi Hu Gawayen …Tana Mare Dunia Na…. ………Rang Tera Aaise chdha Re Utre Na Utare Saiyaan Padesi Pankh Laga K Aaja Re Aaa Re…..”

        2 n Half Year Done And i M Still Searching For Song If Any 1 Of U can Help me It Will Be Big Big Favour For Me ….. If You Need Audio Clip i Will Upload It Or Will Send U In E-mail If U Can Guess Singer Name this Would Be Also Good For Me… Thanks In Advance …!!!

        • Wow that is persistence…but when I like a song, I too cannot rest till I have found the song, so I understand your sentiments 🙂
          From the lyrics doesn’t seem like a familiar song, probably listening to the song may help. Is there way for you to upload the song and share the link? Is the song purely classical or is it light music?

  13. thanks for uploading the lyrics with english translation. it helped a lot. the end note you wrote, i also feel the same, though i disagree with you on this that it was religion that made all this happen. “I am as ignorant as Javed is about how different are India and Pakistan after all after the partition?” what an expresssion!! how true.! hope to discuss it in detail with you

    • Thanks for dropping by Jamal and for taking the time to comment. Well I did not mean religion made it all happen, I just meant the basis for division was religion, as in the region ruled by the British was divided such that there already was hindu majority in one area and muslim majority in the other (or the majority was probably created or enforced). Well I need to go back to my history book if that is not the case, but then again, history is also read, written, quoted and taught as per the beliefs of those who record it.
      I would indeed love to know more about how a common citizen leads his/her life on the other side of the dreaded border.

    • Thanks Kavin. It always feels nice to read a comment on my blog because like everyone else, I thrive on responses and reactions on my work and actions to continue or discontinue something, anything. And that this one is your first ever comment, makes things all the more special. 🙂

  14. Hey.. Excellent effort … the post not only translates the song but also expands its and coke studio’s fan base

    Couple of humble suggestions
    Provide the link for the song within the blog post, for people who stumble upon this but haven’t heard the song yet
    Also, some words and links about the singer and music composers
    Especially here, Mr. Piyush Mishra, one of the most versatile artists of our nation but largely unknown among urban population, who largely follow Yo Yo Honey Singh (no disrespect to him)

    Of course one might just Google all of this, but why not most, if not all, info in one place. I believe its worth the effort, with an already established platform like this.

    Kudos to the great effort, may the spirit never fade !!

    • Thanks for your suggestions 🙂 will take them into account in future posts.
      Though I typically add a Youtube link of the song, I see I missed it here.

      Although I must say, these links to external websites come with no guarantee. Most times songs are removed, websites taken down, and my blog is left with a bunch of broken links, keeping track of all of which is difficult (and annoying).
      If you know of a reliable source please let me know, I would definitely add it here. 🙂
      You are right! most of the information under one roof is so much better than multiple Google search tabs.
      Thanks for dropping my and taking the time to comment.

  15. Sir hatts off for this when I listen this song m got a huge fan of this song in hindi dil se devana hun song ka first I listen this song in (Hitler didi drama ) m from Punjab amritsar I love Pakistan.. Coz all about pak. Cultur purity….everything… Is gane ki tarz itni dard bhari hai…k Javab nahi iska

    • It is nice to know that there are people who love the country on the other side of the border despite such wide spread negativity. Like I already said, I do not have any personal good or bad experiences to form an opinion about the issue, but I feel that the two countries would not have been any different from each other, if there was no partition :(. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment. 🙂

  16. dear krithiya….love your thoughts….i have listen this song a hundred times but never felt the pain of the song until i read your thought….hats off…
    thanks …form the bottom of my heart for making me feel this….<3

  17. The song is awesome……and thank you so much krithya for the
    translation…………….one of the best coke studio has seen…….

  18. Awesome song and translation…. Really wets one’s eyes just by imagining, that the day of independence which everyone celebrates in both countries, there is a set of people for whom those days became the worst memories for life time…

    • Thanks for dropping by, and so rightly said, independence came with a huge price that we may never be able to pay off completely, no amount of time or celebration can soothe the scars that came with it.

  19. I don’t agree with the translation of the first para.
    It should goes like –
    “It should reach to Lahore in the first district and the second subdivision,
    It should reach to the fourth house of second colony from Resham street,
    and It should reach Pakistan, which is being called as second country now,
    I am writing from India and wish it reaches to the lap of Husna”

    • Thanks Dhiraj! That definitely sounds like the right translation. Thank you for pointing it out.
      However if you see at the end of the translation for the first para I already mentioned that it could also mean “hope this letter reaches you Husna” 🙂
      but yes you are right, the same holds for the other lines too I guess

  20. Hats off, Krithya. I could not understand the complete meaning as the song contains typical words of hindi and urdu. Thanks for the perfect translation. It really wet my eyes. I really wish one day India and Pakistan can be together again.

  21. wah kya lovestory hai isse kahte hai sacha pyar aaj kal ke kya jane pyar karna he is a lovely song amazing this song ke singer ki awaz bahut acchi hai saba ko aise pyar karane wale mile

    • whenever I miss her….
      I close my eyes and listen this song….
      While listening I actually feel like I m sleeping in her lap and lisning this frm her……

  22. what a gr8 feeling u have. . .gr8 thoughts. . .

    Man krta hai tumhari ungaliyan choom lun jinhone itni khubsurti se ye manjar bayaan kiya.

    Hats off to you. . . .can i hear you again? ? ? ?

  23. Wao, outstanding……….I am speechless to hear this song……Thankx to Piyush Mishra to dedicate us this one & only beautiful song…………………..

  24. Thank you everyone for dropping by and taking the time to express your feelings about the song! Songs like this only affirm what they say about music : “Music is indeed a universal language”

  25. hats off to dat persn hu wrote ths letter cum song…I love these song and i can understand ur feelings . whenever i lstn these song tears come into my eyes..i love these and thanks.

  26. The architects of this song deserve standing ovation. Its a gem of a song , mausiki, lyrics every thing stands out. One of my friend working in a malayalam daily said he wants to do a piece on the band and the message they conveyed, I feel it may add balm to the minds of people on both sides of LOC , especially when the border tensions are escalating. I dont have much of a knowledge of the band. so if any one can then kindly send me the details and contact numbers of the band members to my id Thanks and Take Care

    • Hey Shan
      I am not sure if this will be of much help, but as far as I know, the song was first recorded in Coke Studio (atleast that is where I first heard it) and Piyush Mishra is the lyrics writer and the singer. This is only as much as I know! Hope someone else reading your comment can help you out!

  27. One doesn’t have to be a party of partition to understand this. Just hearing this song
    induces that feeling. Beauty of song Piyush Ji !

  28. Thanks a ton Krithya..translation has helped me. The song is just superb…when ever I hear this song tears roll in my eyes…

  29. awesomeeeeeeeee song .. i am also from Pakistan and my bestest friend is from india and he dedicated me this song .. and requested me to change my profile name to HUSNA … 🙂
    in short i hv no words to express my feelings .. ❤ ❤

    • That is so sweet of your friend, and of you to too, to have changed your profile name to husna 🙂 ….and Cheers to the Friendships across the border, hope we have enough of those to melt away the differences and bring back peace…
      Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment …

  30. Thank you Krithya…..I wanted somebody to translate this form me…..THanks a ton….COuld you translate one more song….”Mauje Naina” sung in Coke studio composed by Clinton Cerejo…

    • Thanks for dropping by Ganpath!
      “Mauje naina…” ….done! It was challenging though….the song has a lot of uncommon words from local languages so I am not sure if I got all the words right and with their right meanings!
      But I interpreted it in a way that made sense to me keeping in mind the mood of the song!

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