Mauje naina milke (Coke Studio) – Lyrics and Translation

Kaayi ka jharna hai, masla ghinauna hai , It’s a waterfall full of moss, the matter is disgustful

Mauje naina milke re…., The meeting of  whimsical eyes 

Dil ka khilauna hai har dil ka rona hai , It’s like a toy for the heart, and every heart cries for it

Mauje naina milke re…., The meeting of  whimsical eyes 

Ankhiyaan thaga gayi, behudi fansa gayi , My eyes were betrayed, and I was trapped in my inappropriate attitude

Maatam manaate hain chaina , I mourn over my loss of my peace of mind now

Pinjare ko tod ke, galtiyaan bator ke   After breaking the cage, and realising (gathering) its mistakes

Kyun tadpadaati hai maina, bus karo na… Why is the Mynaah still  in pain , lets stop it now (pleading) 

Pokhraa inaari dooba sab khayaal jabse russeyaa,  Every thought drowned in the pond (of tears probably) ever since I upset you

Kyun jiya sahararatan bewajah yun aadatan fansyaa,  Why did my naughty mind, unreasonably and habitually get trapped like this

Kya bhalaa buraa, murkh maajraa, ji ka rona, dhona, khatam bhi karo na, What is good or bad, that is a foolish thought now, enough of all the crying and tears, lets end it now 

Dil kareyga dil ki chaakhree, The heart will only listen to the heart 

Mauje naina milke re…. The meeting of  whimsical eyes 

Baaloo hai , sona hai, pichkaa fulaonaa hai, There is sand and there is gold, and a deflated balloon (symbolizing probably sand – his wife, gold – his new-found love, deflated balloon – his marriage) 

Maujey naina milke , maujey naina milke , The meeting of  whimsical eyes 

Khmer ka dona hai, footaa bhagonaa hai, It’s like a bowl made of leaves and its like a broken steel vessel  (referring to his relationship with his wife probably) 

Mauje nainan milke, maujey naina milke , The meeting of  whimsical eyes 

Afna ki  dhaar mein, kharpatwaar pe,  With the paradise like current (new-found love), from amidst the weeds in the crops 

Cheekhe fatingey ki beh naa, The chiggers’ (an insect) cries that I (should) not flow along

Anth ke toofan se, maut ke ufaan mein, This is like the storm that brings the end, amidst the thoughts of death

Ladti hai saanson ki sena, bus karo na, Like an army, every breath seems to be fighting, enough of it ( I cannot take it anymore) 


As described here this song is about a husband who is cheating on his wife. The song is an expression of his guilt and at the same time, his desire to be set free from the marriage as he does not see any point in continuing with something so pointless.

In the beginning he justifies his temptation to find love outside of his marriage saying its like being in a moss covered water fall where one can easily slip (like he did), and that love is a toy for the heart, something the heart keeps looking for to play with, and that he got tricked into it.

The next few lines describe his pain as guilt takes over, he thinks why is he still not happy even though he has stepped out of  his cage (marriage), and why did he do such a thing.

But then again, he says he does not want to think about what is right and what is wrong anymore.  He compares his marriage to broken vessels and deflated balloon both of which are worthless because they can no longer serve a purpose or bring joy.  And at the end he describes how his marriage is a dying relationship. That though his conscience (symbolized by an insect that lives on weeds, showing how insignificant the voice of his conscience is) is asking him not to go with the flow (his new-found love), he thinks that his relationship with his wife is on the verge of dying and its fight to survive is futile. So he cannot live with this guilt, this worthless relationship anymore and so wants to end it.

The phrase “mauje naina milke” probably is used to depict his new love and the reason why he feels the way he does throughout the song!

(Thats just my take on the song! I might have missed the meaning of some words, not sure …..and I still am not sure what “inaari” means!)

**Note : The lyrics of the full song including the english lyrics (which seemed a little out of place to me)  can be found here. I have only the hindi part in this post.


5 thoughts on “Mauje naina milke (Coke Studio) – Lyrics and Translation

  1. I believe, everything is correct except breaking of marriage, He don’t want to leave the GOLD(the wife) as he had a relation with some other girl…….He is guilty, He is trying hard to bring back her wife’s trust. The sentence “Khatma bhi karo naa” and “Bas karo na” are indirectly saying that please forgive me and trust me again.

    In response, the girl is saying …You think I am crazy? but I am not.

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