Do naina aur ek kahani (Masoom) – Lyrics and Translation

This one’s an old gem….which I chanced upon today as I was looking for some good songs to make my new playlist…This song is slow, calming, deep and relaxing….Its a lullaby but the song later takes on a sad tone, however the sweetness of the song still remains intact…this ones to old times, to Masoom (used to be one of my favs because of the song …lakdi ki kaanthi..), to Aarthi Mujherjee (her beautiful voice), to Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah..(such fine actors), and to the then child artists… Jugal Hansraj and  Urmila Matondkar 🙂

Do naina aur ek kahani, thoda sa baadal, thoda sa paani, aur ek kahani 

Choti si dhoop, jheelon mein wo behti rehti hai, Koi sune ya na sune kehti rehti hai 

Kuch likh ke aur kuch zubaani

Thodi si hai jaani hui, thodi si nayi, Jahan ruke aansoon wahi poori ho gayi 

Hai to nayi phir bhi hai puraani 

Ek khatm ho to doosri raat aa jaati hai, Hothon pe fir bhooli hui baat aa jaati hai 

do naino ki hai ye kahani.

Two eyes and one story, some clouds (referring to kajal), some water (referring to tears) and a story 

A little sunlight keeps flowing in the lakes (referring to the shining golden reflection of the sun on the water), It does not matter if anyone’s listening or not, It keeps telling the story, sometimes written (on the lake) and sometimes by speaking out. 

A part of the story is known, but a small part of it is new, whenever the tears stop, that is where the story stops too, Its new but its old at the same time 

As one night passes, its time for the other night, and those forgotten words cross my lips, that is the story of  the two eyes!

Its the story of a woman who just came to know that her husband has a child from another woman. As she puts her kids to sleep, she sings this song for them, expressing her sadness at the same time.





3 thoughts on “Do naina aur ek kahani (Masoom) – Lyrics and Translation

  1. I was looking for the translation of these lyrics, the poetry is so intense that it keeps you thinking about the many interpretations of the words, and works like a salve at the same time. Beautiful lyrics. Thank you 🙂

  2. Thanks for this! I didn’t know the movie it was from so I understood it as a love song! Urdu poetry is so great because it allows for these multiple layers of meanings. Thanks again!

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