Yahan har shaks har pal (Pankaj Udhas) – Lyrics and translation

Yahan har shaks har pal hadsaa hone se darta hai 

Khilauna hai jo mitti se fana hone se darta

Mere dil ke kisi kone mein ek masoom sa bachcha

Badon ki dekh kar duniya, bada hone se darta hai 

Na bas mein zindagi iske na qaabu maut par iska 

Magar insaan phir bhi kab khuda hone se darta 

Ajab ye zindagi ki qaid hai duniya ka har insaan 

Rihayi maangta hai aur riha hone darta 

Every person here, every moment is scared of mishappenings 

We are all like toys made of mud, scared of being destroyed 

Somewhere in a corner of my heart is an innocent child, 

Who after seeing this world of grown ups, is scared of growing up

No one has  control  on  life and death 

And still given a chance every human likes to act like he is GOD

Life is so strange, that every person in the world is imprisoned 

All of us pray for liberation, but at the same time we are scared of it. 

(All of us ask for salvation (freedom of the soul) but none of us are ready to leave behind the wordly ties


I just chanced upon the song while listening to other romantic ghazals of Pankaj Udhas. I always thought he sang only the light-hearted and extremely romantic ghazals, this one was a surprise as it tends towards philosophy (of life in general)

Anyway I would call it a good find…just made my day.

Though the entire song  is beautifully written my favorite lines are :

Mere dil ke kisi kone mein ek masoom sa bachcha, Badon ki dekh kar duniya, bada hone se darta hai 

Seriously as a child all of us are in such a hurry to grow up….but if this is what growing up means, I wish I could be the child I was forever. (and I read this somewhere (don’t  remember it well enough to quote the words exactly)  – As a child the hardest decision I ever had to make was what colored crayon should I use to color my flowers 🙂 )








Jab tak hai jaan….(Dialogues from the promo)

Teri aankhon ki namkeen mastiyaan

teri hasi ki beparvaah gustaakhiyaan

tere zulfon ki lehraati angdaaiyaan

nahi bhoolunga main, jab tak hai jaan

Tera haath se haath chodna,

tera saayon ka rukh modna,

tera palat ke phir na dekhna

nahi maaf karunga main, jab tak hai jaan

baarishon mein bedhadak tere naachne se

baat baat pe bevajah  tere roothne se

choti choti teri bachkaani badmaashiyon se

mohabbat karunga main, jab tak hai jaan

tere jhoote kasme waadon se,

tere jalte sulagte khwaabon se

tere berahem duaaon se

nafrat karunga main, jab tak hai jaan

I still don’t know if I am looking forward to the movie, but this definitely was a good start…..and I can watch it for anooshka sharma, I like her super cute and bubbly appearances in most of her films, just like I used to like Preity Zinta ( who is almost out of sight these days) , and Genelia ( I adored her carefree characters 🙂 ) …..they were my Teenage Goddesses, they still are, sadly I am not a teenager anymore 🙂 ….but yes like I said I might watch the movie for Anooshka…and may be for Shahrukh (though he seems kind a old now)

I have a deadline tomorrow, and here I am posting dialogues from Bollywood movies, which more than half the world does not care about, writing about Bollywood stars, who in real life may not be as they appear on screen, and imagining wonderful characters who in reality probably do not exist, but my deadline definitely exists….I think I should get back to business….or may be not…aah well I don’t know, but the dialogue was beautiful and worth sharing…

Hmm…k k I stop. Full STOP.