Deepavali : a string of lights/lamps

Diwali 2012, was my fifth Diwali away from home in a foreign land!  The first year here, I decorated the living room of my apartment with a long string of  holiday lights and I had people walk up to me and say things like : I did not know Indians also celebrated Halloween! or Holiday season is still 2 months away girl! or Isn’t it too early to set the house up for the Thanksgiving feast…and I did not even know how or where to start explaining, so I learnt to respond with the prettiest fake smile I could pull off

So the next year and ever since, I have switched to tea light candles which I place in some  beautiful glass votive holders.  Over the years I have been able to collect some nice candle holders, most as gifts from friends! A big thank you to all of them.

I generally place a couple of them at the front door, and the questions now generally sound about right!  What’s the occasion? And I enthusiastically explain its Diwali , and how much fun it is to celebrate this day in India. I even googled up the several stories that are associated with the celebration so that I am well equipped with all the answers to any follow-up questions.

Though I must say when in India I never bothered or cared enough to find out the exact reasons for celebrating Diwali, all I cared about was the sweets, the sparklers, the holidays and fun time with friends and family 🙂

Well even after replacing the holiday lights with candles I still have had occasional comments like : Oh you have the tea light candles alright but I think you forgot to put your carved pumpkin outside, but duh oh! I don’t really care anymore!

Here are a few decorations from 2010, 2011 and 2012!

This ones a flower rangoli (made with yellow and red daisies) (DIWALI 2010)

We (My roommates and I) managed making an indian sweet for the occasion ( its in the bowl at the center) – sooji ka halwa (a yummy and easy to make indian dessert) (DIWALI 2010)

I finally managed to grow an Indian Basil plant (tulasi) here and it stays indoors during the winter months. My sister says : And this is what you call Green Diwali. (yea right!) (DIWALI 2011)

This picture is just a depiction of how on Diwali different people with different racial, provincial, religious backgrounds come together and join the celebration sharing love and laughter!

I went for a pottery class this summer, and finally made a “diya” an earthen lamp! So this year I used diyas along with glass holders! (DIWALI 2012)

And finally I designed my first Diwali greeting card this year using Picasa 🙂 and Happy Singh (my lovely  camera) (DIWALI 2012)


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