Wish comes true

Wish comes true

Muir Woods, San Francisco
When I was a little kid, on one of my visits to my grandparents’ place in a small town in India, I saw a painting on their living room wall. I was very fascinated by the painting, and curiously asked my grand pa, is there such a place on earth? And he said, must be, there must be an inspiration for this painting! and I said, “How I wish I could see such a place someday!”, and the someday finally was finally here, a couple of months back, and this picture is as close as it gets to the painting that once upon a time hung on a plastered wall, in the living room of an old house in a small town in India. As much as that small girl from that small town was thrilled when she saw her wish come true, this grown up girl also secretly thanked her younger self  for having wished something good! So the next time you say “I wish!”, be really careful about what you say, you never know when life’s listening 🙂


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