Gham ka khazaana – Sajda (Lyrics and Meaning)

(such a heart touching song, brilliance is what you experience when legends like Lata Mangeshkar and Jagjit Singh come together)

Gham ka khazaana tera bhi hai mera bhi, Ye nazarana tera bhi hai mera bhi 

Apne gham ko geet banakar gaa lena, raag puraana tera bhi hai mera bhi 

Tu mujhko aur main tujhko samjhaoon kya, dil deewaana tera bhi hai mera bhi 

Sheher mein galiyon galiyon jiska charcha hai, wo afsana tera bhi hai mera bhi 

Maikhaane ki baat na kar waaiz mujhse, aana jaana tera bhi hai mera bhi 

The treasures of sorrow are mine as much as they are yours, it’s a gift that is yours as much as its mine

Turn  your grief into a song  and sing along, that old tune that you hum belongs to you as much as it belongs to me

It’s futile to make an attempt to explain what the matter is, because my heart is as crazy as yours (and neither of us will understand)

In the city and its streets whatever they talk about, it’s that story which is yours as much as its mine 

Don’t talk to me about the  drinkery o preacher, I also visit that place just like you do

A song that you can identify with if you have loved and lost!

When a relationship ends it does not matter whose fault it was, who decided to leave, who cheated on whom, the suffering is never one-sided.  The pain of parting, the burden of  loss is experienced by both alike.  It’s true that  some move on  faster than the others, or so it seems, but the scars of unfulfilled desires, unrequited love and broken dreams can never be erased from the hearts of those who were once  bonded by love, care and happiness, and the only thing that ties them now is the suffering and the grief that comes with a broken heart!


15 thoughts on “Gham ka khazaana – Sajda (Lyrics and Meaning)

  1. It’s really a good song.. Sung by my fev jaggu da ….. Nd u translet it nicely…. I like this song very much… Thanx for making me understand the meaning exactly…

    • Hey shanu
      Long time!
      I somehow missed this comment, and yes i totally agree with you..and I believe the people who love this song are the people who love truly 🙂
      Thanks for your kind words!
      Hope you have had a good year so far 🙂

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