Khamoshiyaan (Inkaar) – Lyrics and Meaning

I have not seen the movie to understand the situation of this song. So I might not do full justice to the interpretation. But with Papon’s enchanting voice and such awesome lyrics I could not stop myself from posting this!  Such a simple song and such a short one but so deep. I wish the song was a little longer though,  as you hear the song  and slowly start drifting into another world, it abruptly stops.  But still its beautiful and what are repeat modes for anyway 🙂 ([edit:March19th] And yaay here is the  link to a longer version of the song.)

Khamoshiyaan awaaz hai, lafzon mein bas inkaar hai 

Lafzon ne chuna, lafzon ne buna, jo bhi humne kaha, jo bhi humne suna 

na humein ilm hai, na tumhe hai pata, jaane ho kab kahan, lafzon se khata

lafzon mein rawaan kuch kahi ansuna, lafzon mein bayaan kuch kahi ankaha 

dil pe jaane ghaav koi laga, lafz hi de gaye lafzon ko daga

khamoshiyaan awaaz hai, lafzon mein bas inkaar hai 

Silence is voice, there is only denial in words

Words chose, Words wove what we said and what we heard

Neither do I know, nor do you, when and where these words make a mistake 

The unheard flows in the words, the unsaid is expressed in words

No idea when the heart was wounded (by words), like some words just betrayed the other words.

Silence is voice, there is only denial in words. 

Raaz hai sainkadon, lafson ke dher mein, maaene ho judaa lafzon ke pher mein 

Lafz laate kabhi aise bhi mod pe, sab chale jaate hai jab humein chodke

Lafz hi lafz mein baat ban jaati hai, Lafz hi lafz mein baat than jaati hai 

Kuch bhi socha nahi lafzon mein beh gaye, kehna tha kuch humein aur kuch keh gaye 

Khamoshiyaan awaaz hai, lafzon mein bas inkaar hai 

There are many mysteries hidden in the words, sometimes words simply start to move away from their intended meanings as we put them together

It is our words that lead us to the such turning points in life, where everyone we know decides to leave (us all alone)  

Some times as words come together, things start to improve, and some other time things just start to fall apart 

I did not think anything, I just went with the flow of the words, and what I actually ended up saying was not something I wanted to say

Silence is voice, there is only denial in words. 

So true! The song so beautifully expresses how words are so weak when compared to silence.

Silence speaks louder than words, especially when its love.  You know you are in love when you can understand what lies beyond words, when you can understand the silence of the other person.

Words are often chosen by us, thought, processed and then spoken, and  sometimes our choice of words is a mistake, sometimes we might end up saying things that should not have been spoken, that should not have been heard. Sometimes we say words that hurt someone we love, it feels like our words were betrayed by our own words, like we did not mean to say something, but we just ended up saying it. But silence is beyond words, beyond the mistakes, beyond what can be said/heard/seen, it can only be felt.

So when words are no longer necessary to communicate, you will know you are in love and then nothing can go wrong, there can be no mistake, there will be no wounds. There will only be silence and love – a lovely silence or a silent love!


8 thoughts on “Khamoshiyaan (Inkaar) – Lyrics and Meaning

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  2. Great interpretation this is…..
    This is not such a short song as you say…maybe you don’t have the full song….
    Leave your email add…..I will be happy to send you the full song…

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