A ring is more than just a ring

One small ring

To the world, its a symbol of commitment, to him its a circle of trust, to her its a lifetime of togetherness, and to her mom its a sign of a secure future (read as financially sound son-in-law :)) 

This came my way when I was least expecting it. It was cold, I had not slept well the previous night, I had to prepare for a meeting in an hour, I was starving but did not have enough time to grab some breakfast. He insisted we should spend the morning the same way we did four years back when we switched from being just friends to special friends. I liked the idea but had too much going on. I was not sure if we would make it to the sunrise point in time for the sunrise and be back before my meeting,  but then he kept on insisting and I gave in. I squeezed in a few minutes in the my otherwise busy morning, and those minutes quickly became one of  the best few minutes of my life, when he went down on his knees, as the sun rose from the horizon, and asked,

“Are you sure you want to marry me? ” (Yea he is a funny guy!)
I said, “I think so! “  (Yea I am a not so confident girl)

and the day suddenly became special, and everything looked perfect, I could feel the warm sunshine amidst the cold breeze, my  grumpy sleepy soul transformed into a smiling excited being, nothing seemed to bother me anymore. And this is how the funny guy and the not so confident girl decided to spend the rest of their lives together….


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