Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage (Special 26), Lyrics and Meaning

This song is from the movie Special 26.There is a male version (By Papon) and a female version (by Sunidhi Chauhan), I am in love with both versions. I also like how the song starts and ends with the same line. In the beginning the line has an inquisitive tone (like a question), and as the song unfolds and ends, the same line has an assuring tone (like an answer).

Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage

Kyun tu baandhe mann ke mann se dhaage

Bas chale na kyun mera tere aage

Who are you to me? What is our relationship

Why do you create a bond (thread) that connects our hearts

Why do I have no control over me (emotions) when it comes to you

Dhoondh hi loge mujhe tum har jagah ab to, mujhko khabar hai

Ho gaya hoon jab se tera main hawa mein hoon , tera asar hai

Tere paas hoon, ehsaas mein main yaad mein teri

Tera thikaana ban gaya ab saans mein meri

I  know for sure that you will eventually find me, no matter where I go

Since the day I became yours, I am on cloud number nine (literally I am up in the air, i.e. very happy)

I am near you, I am what you feel, I am in your memories too.

And you have become a part of  every breath I take. (inseparable)

Chod kar na tu kahin bhi dur ab jaana, tujhko kasam hai

Saath rehna jo bhi hai tu, jhooth ya sach hai, ya bharam hai

Apna banaane ka jatan kar hi chuke ab to

Baiyaan pakad kar aaj chal main du bata sabko

Kaun mera, mera kya tu laage

Promise me you will never ever leave me and go away

Stay with me as long as I live, I don’t care if you are a lie, a truth or just a figment of my imagination

I already took the efforts to make you mine,

I want to hold your hand and let everyone (the world) know

What you mean to me, and what is our relationship.

I came across this song, when watching a daily soap. The context of the song was Yashoda singing this song for Lord Krishna. ( For those of you who do not know, Lord Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudeva, but was brought up by Yashoda and Nanda. Yashoda had no blood relations with Lord Krishna, but there are numerous tales of the loving relationship she shared with Lord Krishna, and Yashoda is referred to as Krishna’s de facto mother.)

The actual situation of the song in the movie is on a more romantic note I am guessing. And this is what I feel is the beauty of the song. Its simple, but expresses the feeling of love as a universal feeling that can be experienced by anyone, for anyone. 🙂 Enjoy!


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