Yaadon mein kitni dafa…

Yaadon mein kitni dafa, tumhari gali tumhara dard pukarta raha 

magar kya karoon, mujhse hi aaya na gaya, 

ek gham jo diya tha maine, mujhse bhulaya na gaya 

us roz main yahan se gaya tha ye sochkar ki laut aaunga

ek waada jo kiya tha tumse wo nibha jaunga,

par shayad us waqt zindagi ko ye manzoor naa tha

warna main is qadar bhi majboor naa tha 

abhi bhi waqt hai, haan waqt hai abhi, 

lekin ye waada hai khud se ki ek din tumhare saamne aunga main 

tumne jo kiya tha wo  har shikwa mita jaunga 

yakeen dila dunga ki main bura tha, magar itna bhi nahi 

warna tumhara har ilzaam apne sir utha lunga, jo kar  paya gar itna bhi nahi 

– Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha

Several times in my memories, I could hear your lane, your pain call out to me

But I just could not return, 

I could not forget the misery I gave you, 

Otherwise I was not so helpless that I could not return

The day I left your place, I thought I will return soon, 

After I have fulfilled that promise I made to you, 

But I guess life had other plans for us, 

I know there is still time

And I have made a promise to myself that one day we will stand face to face

and that day I will clear all the complaints you have against me

I will make you realize, that I might not have been good, but I am not as bad as you think I am

Else I will accept all your blame and leave, if I cannot do even this much for you. 


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